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Starrcade 1991
Date: December 29, 1991
Location: Norfolk Scope, Norfolk, Virginia
Attendance: 9,000
Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone

This is a very different type of show with all matches being dedicated to the Battlebowl competition. The good thing about this show though is the roster is very different that it’s been in previous years, meaning we have a lot of interesting new characters to look at here tonight. Also, there are two rings set up as the main event is a two ring battle royal, meaning if you’re thrown out of the first ring then you go into the second ring. If you’re eliminated from the second then you’re out of the match entirely. Let’s get to it.

Eric Bischoff, Missy Hyatt and Magnum TA will be picking the teams. The arena is very bright tonight and looks much better than it did in years past. The ropes are blue and yellow so they stand out much better than they did before.

Michael Hayes/Tracy Smothers vs. Jimmy Garvin/Marcus Bagwell

Smothers was part of a tag team called the Young Pistols (current US Tag Champions) and Bagwell was a rookie at this point. Hayes and Garvin are regular tag partners in the Freebirds. Bagwell and Smothers start things out by shoving each other a few times until Bagwell runs him over with a shoulder block. Hayes starts the Atlanta Braves chop (a baseball crowd deal) for no apparent reason. A quick rollup gets two for Marcus and Tracy is complaining about having his trunks pulled.

Tracy comes back with a shoulder of his own, only to be taken down by a shoulder block and a dropkick from Bagwell. Now Tracy says he wants Garvin and things speed up a bit, leading to Smothers being hiptossed and dropkicked to the floor. I’m pretty sure Smothers is the only bad guy in this entire match so the fans are all over him. Back in and an atomic drop sends Smothers out to the floor again.

Bagwell comes in again for a top rope ax handle to Smothers’ arm but Tracy goes to the eyes to take him down. Now it’s off to Hayes for a back elbow to the face and it’s time to dance. They trade armbars with Hayes taking control before it’s back to Smothers. Bagwell takes over on Tracy’s arm as this just isn’t a good night for Smothers so far. Another armdrag puts Tracy down again and he’s getting very frustrated. Back to Garvin but Tracy tags in Hayes to give us a battle of the Freebirds.

They shake hands and don’t seem too hesitant to go after each other here. Granted not a lot happens for the first few moments of them being in there against each other as both guys have to strut a bit first. A rollup gets two for Hayes as this isn’t the most serious brawl ever. Both guys strut over to their corners and tag out while fixing their hair. Well that was worthless.

Back to Smothers vs. Bagwell with Tracy missing an elbow and it’s back to Garvin again. A forearm puts Tracy down and it’s back to Marcus a cross body for two. Everything breaks down and Hayes accidentally hits Garvin, allowing Bagwell to hit a fisherman’s suplex on Tracy for the pin to advance to Battlebowl.

Rating: D+. This started somewhat promising and then fell completely apart. The stuff with the Freebirds fighting was a waste of time and Smothers’ overblown selling of everything didn’t help much either. They were telling a story in this match but it wasn’t the most interesting in the world. That’s going to be a common theme tonight: there’s no reason for these specific people to be fighting, so the grades rest entirely on the in ring action for the most part.

There are cameras in both locker rooms, one for the good guys and one for the bad guys so we get to look at them as they’re selected.

Steve Austin/Rick Rude vs. Big Josh/Van Hammer

Austin and Rude are part of the top heel stable, the Dangerous Alliance, managed by Paul E. Dangerously. So yeah, in a competition designed to be “random”, we’ve had regular partners fighting in one match and teaming together in the second. Rude is US Champion and Austin is TV Champion here. Josh is a woodsman who used to have dancing bears with him. He’s another Jim Herd creation in case you were wondering. Van Hammer is a big power guy with a heavy metal (his nickname actually) musician gimmick.

Austin and Van Hammer get things going with Van Hammer slamming him down with ease. It’s so strange seeing the famously bald Austin with long blonde hair here. They trade kicks to the ribs before Van Hammer suplexes him down for two. Now we head to the mat and Hammer works on the arm after some surprisingly good amateur wrestling. Austin takes him into the corner for some forearms and it’s off to Rude for a hard clothesline.

They slug it out before Rude takes over with a knee to the ribs and tags off to Austin. Actually make that Rude again as Austin hits Hammer once before tagging back out. Off to a front facelock by Rude but Hammer charges forward and makes the tag off to Josh. He immediately stomps on Rude’s ribs but it has no effect because Rude’s abdomen is so heavily muscled. Instead Josh rams the Alliance’s heads together to send them to the floor. The crowd is much more excited for this one than the previous match.

Back in and Josh puts Rude in an armbar before putting Austin in one as well. Josh drops Austin throat first on the top rope and clotheslines him down for two before it’s back to Hammer for a hammerlock. Well that’s appropriate if nothing else. Back to Josh to crank on the arm a bit more, only to have Austin duck his head and send Josh into a clothesline from Rude. Rick comes back in with a chop to Josh’s head for two. The Alliance takes over on Josh with both guys making quick tags to keep the fresh man in.

Rude hooks a chinlock as Dangerously adds a distraction to let Austin cheat a bit. Off to a chinlock by Austin but Josh powers out and fires off some elbows. A slam puts Austin down but Josh tries an elbow drop instead of tagging, allowing the Alliance to maintain control. Austin misses a charge at Josh though and there’s the hot tag to Van Hammer. House is cleaned by Hammer but Rude makes the save. Everything breaks down and Rude gets a blind tag, allowing him to sneak up on Hammer and hit the Rude Awakening (neckbreaker) for the pin.

Rating: C+. Much better match here as they worked a basic tag team formula quite well. At the end of the day, it helps to have pure talent like Austin and Rude in there and the match was much better as a result. Hammer was VERY popular for awhile and this was right around the apex of his career so the crowd was into it as well. This could have easily been the main event of one of WCW’s weekend TV shows.

Dustin Rhodes/Richard Morton vs. Larry Zbyszko/El Gigante

Morton is part of the York Foundation, Zbyszko is part of the Dangerous Alliance and Gigante is 7’7. Larry has to climb the ropes to try to talk to Gigante, who is from Argentina and speaks limited English. Rhodes is half of the tag champions here and he starts with Larry. As is his custom, Larry stalls a lot before getting taken down by a headlock takeover. We get a crisscross with Dusty elbowing Larry down.

Off to Morton vs. Gigante but since Morton is nearly two feet shorter, he tags Dustin right back in. Dustin is much taller as he’s only 13 inches shorter than Gigante. Rhodes can’t do much here at all and is slammed down with ease. Off to Larry again for a front facelock and some other really basic offense. Dustin fights out of the corner with some elbows like his daddy (Dusty if that didn’t click) but Larry counters the bulldog. Back to Gigante but Larry slaps him for not listening to his instructions. Gigante snaps and throws Larry into a double dropkick, allowing Rhodes to get the pin.

Rating: D. This was just dumb. The idea was that the Larry/Gigante team couldn’t get along, and if you didn’t get that by me telling you it’s ok, because the match pounded it into our heads. Morton was in the match for all of eight seconds, meaning this was mainly Rhodes vs. Zbyszko. Nothing to see here but at least it was short.

Bill Kazmaier/Jushin Thunder Liger vs. Mike Graham/Diamond Dallas Page

Kazmaier is a former winner of the World’s Strongest Man competition, Liger is a Japanese masked man and one of the best high fliers of all time, Graham is mainly known for training wrestlers, and Page is a glorified manager who would become MUCH better in about six years. Liger is also the brand new Light Heavyweight Champion, having won the title on Christmas night.

Graham and Liger start things off and they fight for arm control. Liger catches Graham with a headscissors to send Mike out to the floor as it’s clear that Graham is completely out of his league against Jushin. Off to Kazmaier who is just massive. Graham is literally thrown around and it’s off to Page who can’t do anything against the power of Kazmaier either. A gutwrench slam puts Page down but Kazmaier misses a middle rope splash.

Page comes in and chokes away a bit before Kaz easily sends him out to the floor. Tag off to Liger who takes Page down with a spinwheel kick and a slingshot splash gets two. Graham comes in to face Kazmaier with the power guy taking over again. Off to Liger to work on the arm as this match is starting to drag. Liger hooks his always awesome surfboard hold but Graham comes back with a Boston Crab, only to have Liger kick him forward into a rollup.

A backslide gets two for Graham but Liger takes him to the mat with a leg lock. Kazmaier gets the tag and Graham immediately rolls over to the corner to bring in Page again. Back to Graham vs. Liger after almost nothing of note from the other two. Liger fires off some rapid fire kicks to Graham’s chest and tags Kazmaier back in.

Page finally helps with some double teaming to take control but Kaz casually picks Graham up and walks him to the corner for the tag off to Liger. Graham misses a charge in the corner and falls to the floor where Liger hits a big flip dive. Back in and Liger hits a middle rope moonsault for two as everything breaks down. Kazmaier picks up Liger and throws him onto Page for the pin in a fairly smart ending.

Rating: D. This was REALLY dull with Graham being as generic of a wrestler as you can possibly imagine. Kazmaier’s strength was more than enough to get him through a match and Liger was his usual good self….when he had any help at all. Page and Graham were just worthless here and they really dragged things down. Not a good match at all.

Lex Luger/Arn Anderson vs. Z-Man/Terrance Taylor

This should be pretty good. Taylor is a heel but Anderson (part of the Alliance) and Luger are mega heels so Taylor is overshadowed. Anderson and Z-Man start things off with Anderson quickly being sent to the floor. There’s a history between these two as they traded the TV Title just around a year before this. Back in and Z-Man hits an enziguri for two as Luger has to make the save, leading to a four way brawl. Taylor and Z-Man clean house and send the bad guys to the floor for a consultation with Luger’s manager Harley Race.

Luger comes in and gets caught by some dropkicks to stagger the world champion. Off to Taylor to crank on the arm, only to hit the ropes and get caught in a gorilla press slam. Taylor comes right back with a neck snap and a neckbreaker for two each. Back to Luger’s arm but Lex uses the free arm to elbow Taylor in the face to escape. In a cool sequence, Taylor tries a sunset flip but Luger punches him to break it. Taylor tries it again and gets punched, then a third time and gets punched. The fourth attempt actually works but Luger falls into the tag off to Anderson.

Taylor comes right back with a clothesline and it’s back to Z-Man for a bunch of right hands to Anderson’s head, only to be caught in a wicked DDT for two. Luger comes in and suplexes Z-Man down for two but Z-Man catches the legal Anderson with a faceplant. Back to the world champion again for nothing of note, only to have Anderson get the tag and jump off the middle rope into Z-Man’s boot.

The double tag brings in Luger and Taylor with Taylor getting three straight near falls on the world champion. A gutwrench into a powerbomb gets two for Taylor and everything breaks down. Anderson gets in a blind shot on Taylor and the Attitude Adjustment (Luger’s piledriver) is enough for the pin.

Rating: B. Like I said, sometimes the talent in these matches is more than enough to carry it to a good performance. Luger and Anderson worked well together and Taylor was a good fit to team up with Z-Man. This was a very basic tag match formula but Anderson is a master of tag wrestling and made it by far the best match of the night so far. Good stuff here.

Ricky Steamboat/Todd Champion vs. Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker/Cactus Jack

Champion is a tall strong guy and half of the tag team called the Patriots. Parker is a police themed character and little more than a jobber. Jack is, to put it mildly, completely insane. Steamboat is Rhodes’ partner as world tag team champions You might remember those locker room cameras I mentioned to you. We see Parker getting ready to go, but Abdullah the Butcher attacks him because he wants to be Cactus’ partner. Abdullah DESTROYS Parker, ramming his head into a locker over and over again before breaking a broom over Parker’s back. Cactus is basically in a handicap match now.

Parker somehow makes it to the arena but the Butcher beats him with a staff on the stage, including some HARD shots to the head. Steamboat knocks Jack off the apron and into the barricade at ringside. Now Butcher knocks Parker off the stage and into the crowd for good measure. Cactus and Steamboat slug it out with Cactus screaming a lot. He pounds on Steamboat in the corner as Parker has managed to crawl back up onto the ramp.

Steamboat gets back up and fires off some chops, only to be thrown over the top rope. As is his custom though, Steamboat skins the cat and throws Jack out to the floor as well. Steamboat dives on Jack and rams him into the barricade before heading back inside. A superkick staggers Jack and another kick takes him down. Off to Champion with a shot to the back but Cactus punches him in the face to come back. Parker is literally crawling on his hands and knees down the ramp to get to the ring.

Champion puts Cactus in a chinlock but Jack fights up with more right hands. Off to a bearhug instead but Cactus goes to the eyes to escape. Todd is thrown to the floor and Cactus drops a middle rope elbow on Champion for good measure. Parker has finally made it to the ring the match isn’t happening in. The fans chant for Buddy out of sympathy as Cactus avoids a legdrop. Champion tries a bulldog but gets shoved off, causing the two of them to ram heads. Cactus falls into the corner and tags off to Parker, who is literally thrown into the ring. His prize for working this hard? A cross body from Steamboat for the pin.

Rating: C-. I don’t know why, but it was hilarious watching Parker get beaten up like that. Steamboat and Champion were toying with Cactus here as Steamboat is one of the best ever and Champion wasn’t completely awful in the ring. Cactus would get his day in a few more years, albeit in another company.

Sting/Abdullah the Butcher vs. Brian Pillman/Bobby Eaton

The basic idea of WCW at this point was “Sting feuds with everyone.” One of the main people he was feuding with at this time was none other than the Butcher, who had been hired by Luger to prevent Sting from winning the world title. The other main rival for Sting was the entire Dangerous Alliance, of which Eaton is a member. Pillman is a small but very tough guy who used to play for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Abdullah jumps Sting on the way to the ring and beats on him with his staff. Pillman finally comes out to make the save for his friend Sting and beats on the Butcher with the staff. Butcher knocks Pillman off the ramp and into the barricade as Eaton beats Sting up as well. We get started with Bobby working on Sting’s knee in the ring as Abdullah is out on the floor. Sting sends Eaton to the ramp and dives over the top to take him down via a clothesline. Sting fires off right hands to the head and we head back inside as Sting is almost in a three on one match.

Back in and Sting cranks on the arm, only to have the Butcher hit him in the back. Eaton hooks a chinlock as Butcher heads to the announce table and steals a pencil. As Bobby sends Sting into his own corner, the Butcher stabs his partner in the throat with the pencil. Pillman has to come over and dropkick Abdullah to break up the partners, allowing Eaton to pound on Sting even more. Sting manages to throw Eaton to the outside and into the post as Pillman somehow slams the 400lb Butcher.

A top rope splash keeps Butcher down but it’s still Sting vs. Eaton. Bobby staggers over to Pillman but Brian won’t tag in to fight Sting. Instead Eaton tries to tag Abdullah but gets put in an armbar by Sting instead. Sting tries a tombstone piledriver but mainly just drops Eaton on his head. Pillman and the Butcher come in to fight some more but here’s Cactus Jack to swing the staff at Sting, only to hit the Butcher. Sting hits a top rope cross body on Eaton for the pin (with a fast count).

Rating: D. This was more of an angle than a match. Butcher is a really imposing figure, but anytime he gets in a ring it’s pretty embarrassing stuff. This match basically ignored the idea of wanting to get to Battlebowl with Pillman acting like Sting’s partner instead of trying to win. Eaton was basically just stuck in the middle of all the drama here.

Cactus and Abdullah fight up the ramp because that’s what they do.

Big Van Vader/Mr. Hughes vs. Rick Steiner/Nightstalker

Nightstalker is a big man who did nothing of note for years until he became Adam Bomb in the WWF. He’s also subbing for the injured Diamond Stud here. Hughes is Big Cat from last year and now a big security guard in a suit. Vader is a monster, weighing 400lbs and running through everyone he ever faces. Rick and Vader start which is probably the best solution for everyone. Vader pounds him upside the head and clotheslines Steiner down before running him over with ease.

Rick gets back up and pounds away with right hands and a Steiner Line to send Vader to the floor. Back in and Steiner somehow manages to suplex Vader down but hurts himself. Hughes, the smaller man on the team at 6’8 and 375lbs, gets the tag. Steiner easily backdrops him down but is hesitant to tag in Nightstalker. A belly to back suplex puts Hughes down but Nightstalker reaches over and tags himself in. He doesn’t pay attention to Vader and is run over by a clothesline. Rick doesn’t realize he was tagged and Vader splashes Nightstalker for the pin.

Rating: D+. I’m a sucker for the Steiners throwing big people around and that’s what we got here. The match was nothing of note, but it was more along the lines of setting up a match between the Steiners and Hughes/Vader, which I don’t remember ever actually happening. Nightstalker was clearly in over his head here, but to be fair he was a replacement.

Ad for SuperBrawl II.

Scott Steiner/Firebreaker Chip vs. Johnny B. Badd/Arachnaman

Chip is the shorter partner of Todd Champion in the Patriots. As his music says, Badd looks just like Little Richard. Arachnaman is a purple and yellow Spider-Man. The resemblance was so strong that Marvel Comics threatened to sue WCW if they didn’t drop the character, which WCW did. It’s Brad Armstrong under the mask. Badd and Chip start things off with Chip hitting some quick Japanese armdrags to take over. Johnny, a legit Golden Gloves champion, fires off a left hand and drops an elbow for two.

Badd fires off some more punches but Chip comes off the top with a cross body for two before it’s off to Arachnaman. Chip grabs his arm and brings in Scott for an armbar of his own. Things speed up with some leapfrogs from Arachnaman but he gets caught in a powerslam and clotheslined out to the floor. It’s off to Badd for a quick left hand and a right to take him down. Steiner isn’t pleased and easily takes Badd down with a leg trip before lifting him into the air and ramming Badd ribs first into the buckle.

Back to Chip for a chinlock for a few seconds before Badd rolls out and tags in the Spider guy. That goes nowhere so it’s back to Badd vs. Scott, with Steiner hitting a big Steiner Line and a double underhook powerbomb. Back to Chip as the match slows down all over again. Chip stands around and lets Arachnaman come back in before missing a charge into the corner. Back to a chinlock by Arachnaman as this match is dying without Badd and Steiner in there. The cameramen are bored too so we look at the crowd a bit.

Chip puts on a Boston Crab but the far smaller Arachnaman is able to power out of it with relative ease. Back to Badd for the chinlock as a Scott chant breaks out. Arachnaman comes back in and gets caught in a crisscross with Badd. Chip thankfully makes a blind tag to Scott and things pick WAY up. Arachnaman tries going up but jumps into an overhead belly to belly suplex from Scott for the pin.

Rating: D+. Scott is good, Chip is not. That’s more or less the entire match in a nutshell here. Chip was boring everyone out there and the crowd just wanted to see Scott. Arachnaman was a horribly dumb gimmick who barely even flew around at all and Badd was nowhere near ready yet, so this was pretty much the Scott Steiner show.

Ron Simmons/Thomas Rich vs. PN News/Steve Armstrong

Armstrong is the partner of Tracy Smothers in the Young Pistols. News is a 400lb white rapper. Simmons and Armstrong start things off with Steve turning his back on Ron like a jerk. Steve gets in a shot to take over and is knocked down by a shoulder block. Off to Rich and the match turns into a punch off. Armstrong takes him down with an armdrag and it’s off to News. For some idiotic reason, Rich tries to slam the fat man and gets nowhere.

The fans chant that they want Ron and at this point I can’t blame them at all. It’s finally off to Ron vs. News with the latter pounding away in the corner and hitting a running splash for good measure. A clothesline puts Ron down and it’s back to Armstrong vs. Rich. Steve chokes away in the corner with the tape off his wrist as the match begins to drag again. Rich tags out, leading to an argument with Simmons for no apparent reason.

A belly to back suplex puts Armstrong down and a fist drop from Rich has Steve in even more trouble. Back to News for a two count off a flying clothesline as the fans still want Simmons. A charge in the corner hits Armstrong’s boot though and it’s back to News again. He does about as little as possible and it’s back to Armstrong again who hits knees on a splash attempt. News yells at Armstrong as this match goes absolutely nowhere. Rich counters a double chicken wing with a jawbreaker and there’s the hot tag to Simmons. Ron slams News and hits the spinebuster on Armstrong to finally end this.

Rating: D+. I know I’ve been giving a lot of matches grades around that level but that’s exactly what they feel like. There’s almost nothing to see in most of these matches as Simmons was the only guy who had any sign of effort in this at all. Rich and Smothers weren’t horrible but they were really dull to say the least.

The announcers discuss their picks.


Marcus Bagwell, Jimmy Garvin, Rick Rude, Steve Austin, Dustin Rhodes, Richard Morton, Bill Kazmaier, Jushin Thunder Liger, Lex Luger, Arn Anderson, Ricky Steamboat, Todd Champion, Sting, Abdullah the Butcher, Vader, Mr. Hughes, Scott Steiner, Firebreaker Chip, Ron Simmons, Thomas Rich

Again, this is a double ring battle royal which means we have all twenty starting in one ring. If they’re thrown out to the floor or into the other ring, they move on to the second ring. Once they’re eliminated from that, they’re eliminated in general. The last remaining wrestler in ring #1 will face the last remaining wrestler in ring #2 with the last man in the ring winning BattleBowl.

Everyone goes at it to start with Vader going after Sting because everyone is feuding with Sting at the moment. Anderson and Steamboat are fighting on the ramp for some reason. They finally get in the ring where there’s still too much going on to be able to call any of it. Sting fights Anderson out of the corner as Vader is thrown onto the ramp which isn’t an elimination. He and Steamboat fight on the ramp but Ricky avoids a splash. Anderson and Rhodes are fighting on the floor but haven’t been eliminated yet. No one has gone to ring #2 yet.

Vader and Steamboat are still fighting on the ramp as Rich is thrown into ring #2 where he has to wait for an opponent. Anderson kicks Steamboat in the leg to slow him down as Sting and Luger start fighting to fire the crowd up. Bagwell is sent to the second ring to give Rich something to do. Chip is thrown over as well before Morton and Liger follow him over. They speed things way up with Liger hitting a quick rana out of the corner and a spinwheel kick for good measure. Morton and Liger beat on each other so well that they both fall out to the floor for a double elimination.

Mr. Hughes goes to ring #2 as Rich is eliminated for good. Steamboat and Anderson brawl to the floor and wind up in ring #2 as Simmons and Luger fight on the ramp. Garvin and Champion go to ring #2 with Steiner and Austin soon following them. The Butcher somehow winds up in ring #2 as Garvin is eliminated. Kazmaier and Simmons go to the second ring and Dustin follows. Sting and Rude start fighting to continue a big rivalry while falling to ring #2. There are currently 14 men in ring #2 and just Vader and Luger left in ring #1. Liger, Morton, Rich and Garvin are all gone.

Vader pounds on Luger and splashes him on the mat before clotheslining him back down. Anderson dumps out Chip for an elimination just before Luger manages to clothesline Vader to the second ring, meaning Luger wins ring #1. Kazmaier and Champion go out as the ring is really starting to clear out. Rude tries to throw Sting out but gets punched in the head instead. Steamboat comes off the top onto Vader as Austin backdrops Rhodes out. Simmons charges at Hughes and they both fall out, meaning we have about ten left.

As I say that, Anderson, Vader and Bagwell are all gone as well. Steiner goes out off camera and we’re left with Sting, Steamboat, Austin and Rude which sounds like a dream tag match. Steamboat chops on Austin and Sting pounds on Rude before Sting splashes Austin in the corner. Rude gets in a shot on Steamboat and the Alliance beats on Sting for a bit, only to have Rude miss a clothesline and knock Austin out by mistake. Rude throws Steamboat over but he skins the cat back in and pulls Rude out, only to be pulled out by the eliminated Rude.

This leaves Sting vs. Luger and you can hear the fans light up when they realize they’re the final two. Before Sting can even catch his breath though, Rude comes back in and hits the Rude Awakening to lay Sting out. Luger has a free shot at Sting and pounds away before clotheslining Sting down and posing as Sting would do. By the way it’s still over the top rope for an elimination, not pins or submissions.

Race tries to get in a cheap shot but Sting goes after him on the ramp, only to be jumped by Luger. Lex knocks Sting off the ramp into the barricade. All Luger so far as they fight on the floor. Sting gets in some shots to the ribs and rams Luger into the barricade and around both rings. Back in and Sting rubs Luger’s face on the mat before firing off a bunch of kicks to the ribs.

The Stinger Splash misses and Sting is hung upside down but Luger is too spent to follow up. Luger tries to throw Sting over but Sting holds on. Lex, ever the arrogant one, doesn’t watch Sting go over and starts celebrating. Sting comes back in and beats the tar out of Luger before dumping him out to win BattleBowl.

Rating: C+. All things considered, this wasn’t that bad. It was obvious that it was going to come down to Sting against someone with Sting likely winning and that’s perfectly fine. Sting going up against all the odds and coming back to win was a fine story and the fans loved it. This also set up Sting vs. Luger at SuperBrawl where Sting won the title so this was effective all around. The problem was it was kind of dull getting to the good part at the end.

There is some serious talent in those rings:

Overall Rating: D+. This is a special show for me as it’s the first wrestling show I remember watching as a kid, but it really doesn’t hold up for the most part. The ending did accomplish its goal, but the matches here are very lame for the most part and some of them are just flat out bad. This was a tricky time for WCW and it didn’t get much better for awhile. Once things picked up in late 1992 though, they were done soon thereafter. This isn’t a horrible show but it’s really not worth seeing unless you’re a fan of the era.

Thomas Hall has been a wrestling fan for over thirty years and has seen over 50,000 wrestling matches. He has also been a wrestling reviewer since 2009 with over 5,000 full shows covered. You can find his work at kbwrestlingreviews.com, or check out his Amazon author page with 28 wrestling books. His latest book is the the Complete 2000 Monday Nitro and Thunder Reviews Part 1.

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