Date: February 23, 2024
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Blake Howard, Byron Saxton

With the WWE on its way to Australia for Elimination Chamber, this is the second half of a double taping, meaning we are in for two matches instead of the usual three. As tends to be the case around here, that should be rather helpful as it lets the matches breathe a bit more and not wear out their welcome. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Karmen Petrovic vs. Brinley Reece

Feeling out process to start with Reece taking her down without much trouble. They trade snapmares until Petrovic kicks her in the face. Petrovic’s headlock is countered with a belly to back suplex but she reverses another into a crossbody. Reece’s Honor Roll sets up a double arm crank, followed by an abdominal stretch for a bonus. That’s broken up and Petrovic hits a spinning kick to the back before they trade cradles with Petrovic finally getting the pin at 4:39.

Result: Karmen Petrovic b. Brinley Reece – Rollup (4:39)

Respect is shown post match.

Earlier today, Hank Walker/Tank Ledger and Tyriek Igwe/Tyson DuPont played dominoes and set up a best of three series, with Walker and Ledger having already won the first match.

Tyriek Igwe/Tyson DuPont vs. Hank Walker/Tank Ledger

DuPont runs Walker over to start an it’s quickly off to Ledger to work on the arm. Igwe comes in to drop Ledger with a release gutwrench suplex as house is quickly cleaned. Ledger is back with a running shoulder in the ring and Walker grabs a hard slam. It’s back to Ledger to work on Igwe’s arm before Walker is back for a chinlock. Igwe fights up and brings in DuPont to clean house until Ledger crossbodies him down. DuPont spinebusters Walker and the chokeslam/belly to back suplex combination gives Igwe the pin at 5:50.

Result: Tyriek Igwe/Tyson DuPont b. Hank Walker/Tank Ledger – Chokeslam/belly to back suplex combination to Ledger (5:50)

Karmen Petrovic b. Brinley Reece – Rollup
Tyriek Igwe/Tyson DuPont b. Hank Walker/Tank Ledger – Chokeslam/belly to back suplex combination to Ledger

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