Date: May 31, 2022
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett

It’s the go home show for In Your House and that means we are ready for the final push towards the show. Most of the card is set but there is always the chance that we will be seeing another match added this week. The main event is Nathan Frazer vs. Cameron Grimes, which should be a good one. Let’s get to it.

Diamond Mine is coming to the ring but Roderick Strong tells the Creeds that they have the night off.

Diamond Mine vs. Pretty Deadly

Non-title and it’s Strong and Damon Kemp for Diamond Mine. Prince takes Strong into the corner to start and whips him into it again for good measure. Wilson comes in and gets kicked down so Kemp comes in, sending Wilson bailing into the corner. A slap to the face wakes Kemp up and he explodes on Prince, including a bunch of suplexes into a chinlock. It’s back to Strong, who again gets stomped down in the corner, allowing Wilson to forearm away. Strong manages to get over to Kemp though and it’s a slingshot spear to cut Wilson down. Everything breaks down and Diamond Mine clears the ring as we take a break.

Back with Wilson chinlocking Kemp, which stays on a bit longer than you might expect. Kemp finally fights up and powers over to Strong for the house cleaning. Pretty Deadly is sent into each other as the fans are behind Strong again. Everything breaks down and Prince grabs a title belt. Cue the Creeds for the save but Julius takes the shot for Strong. The distraction lets Spilled Milk finish Strong at 13:17.

Result: Pretty Deadly b. Diamond Mine – Spilled Milk to Strong (13:17)

Solo Sikoa wants Cameron Grimes to take care of Carmelo Hayes at In Your House because he has the next title shot. Grimes agrees but Duke Hudson comes in to say he should get the shot. Hudson says he doesn’t expect Sikoa to understand this because he isn’t on that level. The match is set for tonight.

Grayson Waller yelled at some wrestlers, telling them to learn from Tiffany Stratton, who is so much better than Roxanne Perez. On top of that, she’s better than Fallon Henley. Josh Briggs comes up and says he’ll give Waller a country whipping tonight.

Earlier today, Tony D’Angelo and company met Legado del Fantasma on Santos Escobar’s yacht for their usual face to face bickering. The result this time: a six man at In Your House.

Cora Jade vs. Elektra Lopez

Jade snapmares her down into a basement dropkick for a fast one. Lopez isn’t having that and faceplants her down, setting up some choking on the rope. The fans get in Cora’s corner but she misses a knee in the corner and gets her leg chopped down. Lopez tries to take her up but gets knocked back down. The top rope backsplash gives Jade the win at 5:04.

Result: Cora Jade b. Elektra Lopez – Top rope backsplash (5:04)

Wes Lee is ready to face Xyon Quinn because he has to keep fighting. Sanga comes in to give Lee a pep talk, saying he may not be a giant, but he has a giant heart. It’s nice to have a different kind of giant for once.

Video on Roxanne Perez, who has been growing up wanting to be here. While her friends were watching Stranger Things, she was watching Raw and Smackdown to be like Paige, Michelle McCool and Nikki Bella. She would take a ten hour bus ride one way to train with Booker T. No one got it but Cora Jade because she was doing the same thing. Tiffany Stratton is stronger than her, but Stratton doesn’t have the same desire.

Wes Lee vs. Xyon Quinn

Lee kicks him down but gets dropped ribs first onto the top rope to cut him off. Quinn takes it into the corner for some shoulders to the ribs to stay on a target. Back up and Lee manages a kick to the head but the middle rope moonsault press is pulled out of the air. A lawn dart sends Lee into the corner so Quinn loads up the running punch, only to get rolled up for the fast pin at 3:41.

Result: Wes Lee b. Xyon Quinn – Rollup (3:41)

Roderick Strong yells at Diamond Mine but Ivy Nile explains what happened because Strong can’t watch a tape. Strong doesn’t really care and says he should have been hit with the belt because it would have been a DQ win. What matters most is getting all the wins, so the Creeds better win the Tag Team Titles or they’re off the team.

Joe Gacy talks about Rick Steiner not being there to do much for Bron Breakker, who would fight with his brothers while Rick wouldn’t do anything. That made Breakker angry, which he used in football and now in wrestling. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so Breakker will let his anger get the better of him at In Your House.

Bron Breakker isn’t going to let Joe Gacy get the better of him. Gacy’s laughter is heard and Breakker wants to fight, but he stops himself from breaking a TV.

It’s time for a women’s champions summit between Toxic Attraction and Wendy Choo/Katana Chance/Kacy Catanzaro with Wade Barrett hosting. The challengers don’t want Toxic Attraction to talk but the champs need to brag about what they’ve done and who they’ve run off. Choo: “JUST SIGN THE CONTRACT!” Barrett tries to calm them down but there are most scripted lines to get in, including Wizard of Oz Munchkin jokes.

Choo: “JUST SIGN THE CONTRACT!” Mandy Rose goes on a rant about how Choo, in a cow suit, belongs in Candyland. “OR WONDERLAND!” Rose wants more respect on her name and finally signs. Then Choo fires a spit ball at her and the fight is on, with Choo putting Rose through a table.

Ivy Nile is working out when Kiana James comes in to ask if Nile is going to be talking to the Creeds after they lose to Pretty Deadly. Nile says they’ll win, but James gives the Creeds a 12% chance. Nile slams her against a locker.

Solo Sikoa vs. Duke Hudson

Sikoa strikes away to start and knocks Hudson to the apron, only to have Hudson grab a slingshot German suplex. There’s an overhead belly to belly and another makes it worse. Sikoa fights back up with a Samoan drop and the running hip attack in the corner. The Superfly Splash finishes Hudson at 4:43.

Result: Solo Sikoa b. Duke Hudson – Superfly Splash (4:43)

Tiffany Stratton is glad that she fixed a problem last week. She doesn’t care that she took Nikkita Lyons’ spot because Lyons wasn’t going to win anyway. Stratton has all kinds of accomplishments anyway and works harder than anyone else. Oh and Roxanne Perez took a bus ten hours to train? Has she never heard of an AIRPLANE? Stratton is over everyone liking Perez so much.

Thea Hail has graduated high school and will be attending…..ANDRE CHASE UNIVERSITY!

Grayson Waller vs. Josh Briggs

Brooks Jensen and Fallon Henley are here too, but Waller says the horse face needs to leave. Waller: “And take Henley with you!” Briggs starts fast and knocks Waller into the ropes, which is enough for him to come out with a cheap shot. Waller side kicks his way out of the corner for two as we hear that Jensen has a firm grip on his recovery. Briggs gets in another shot of his own but here are Sofia Cromwell and Mr. Stone for a distraction. The rolling Stunner finishes the distracted Briggs at 3:43.

Result: Grayson Waller b. Josh Briggs – Rolling Stunner (3:43)

Post match Von Wagner comes in to go after Briggs and sends him shoulder first into the post. Jensen makes the save and Wagner is held back.

Ivy Nile vs. Kiana James

James takes her into the corner and gets shoved right back down. Some forearms annoy Nile but James manages to knock her back. Back up and Nile fires off some kicks, including a running one in the corner for two. James actually takes her down again and says it’s brains over brawn. Nile’s quick dragon sleeper attempt is broken up and James clotheslines her down. Nile clotheslines her much harder though and the kicks to the chest make it worse. A throw finishes James at 3:32.

Result: Ivy Nile b. Kiana James – Throw (3:32)

Post match here is Pretty Deadly to go after Nile but the Creeds make the save.

We get another Giovanni Vinci video, with the woman’s voice confirming that it is a he, who likes to drive fast cars and eat good food.

Cameron Grimes vs. Nathan Frazer

Non-title and Trick Williams/Carmelo Hayes are on commentary. Feeling out process to start and it’s an early standoff with both of them nipping up. They run the ropes until Frazer dropkicks him to the floor, only to be elbowed into the corner. A dropkick has Grimes in trouble and we take a break.

Back with Grimes hitting a swinging Rock Bottom for two and the slugout is on. Neither can get the better of it so Grimes goes with a clothesline to take over instead. Grimes’ powerbomb is countered into a hurricanrana but he suplexes Frazer out of the corner, setting up the Cave In for the pin at 10:06.

Result: Cameron Grimes b. Nathan Frazer – Cave In (10:06)

Post match Hayes comes in to jump Grimes but has to be saved from the Cave In. Glaring ensues to end the show.


Pretty Deadly b. Diamond Mine – Spilled Milk to Strong
Cora Jade b. Elektra Lopez – Top rope backsplash
Wes Lee b. Xyon Quinn – Rollup
Solo Sikoa b. Duke Hudson – Superfly Splash
Grayson Waller b. Josh Briggs – Rolling Stunner
Ivy Nile b. Kiana James – Throw
Cameron Grimes b. Nathan Frazer – Cave In

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