Date: October 28, 2022
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Sudu Shah, Byron Saxton

And here we go again, with more of the same batch of people having matches against each other over and over. There are very few people who can rise up the ranks (or Level/LVL Up if you will), save for maybe Miles Borne in the last few weeks. Maybe that ride continues this week so let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Stacks vs. Tank Ledger

Tony D’Angelo is on commentary. Stacks bounces off of the bigger Ledger to start and it’s time to crank on the arm. Ledger runs him over with a shoulder and a slam sends Stacks outside. A kick to the face drops Ledger on the floor as D’Angelo invites Saxton to dinner next weekend. The chinlock doesn’t work very well for Stacks and the comeback is on including a running crossbody for two. Stacks is right back with some running shots to the face, setting up a running elbow drop for the pin at 5:41.

Result: Stacks b. Tank Ledger – Running elbow drop (5:41)

Trick Williams is on the phone but stops talking about a vacation to be ready for Brooks Jensen. Williams isn’t worried because he has the FLASH.

Thea Hail vs. Jakara Jackson

Andre Chase is here with Hail and Duke Hudson is in the student section. Hail grabs a headlock to start but Jackson takes her down by the hair. We hit the armbar and Hail can’t quite roll out of it. Hudson busts out the Chase U flag and Hail powers out and starts the comeback. The faceplant cutter finishes Jackson at 4:32.

Result: Thea Hail b. Jakara Jackson – Faceplant cutter (4:32)

Brooks Jensen vs. Trick Williams

Josh Briggs is here with Jensen. They fight over arm control to start with neither being able to get very far. A flying headscissors of all things takes Williams down but he’s fine enough to tie Jensen in the ring skirt to stomp away and take over. Back in and a jumping clothesline drops Jensen for two and we hit the cravate. That’s broken up and Jensen snaps off a powerslam for a needed breather. The comeback is on and Jensen fakes Williams out from the ring skirt, only to have his high crossbody punched out of the air. Jensen is fine enough to hit a quick Fameasser for the pin at 6:10.

Result: Brooks Jensen b. Trick Williams – Fameasser (6:10)


Stacks b. Tank Ledger – Running elbow drop
Thea Hail b. Jakara Jackson – Faceplant cutter
Brooks Jensen b. Trick Williams – Fameasser

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