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NWA Powerrr | Ep 12 | "Something Left To Prove"


Date: January 1, 2020
Location: GPB Studios, Atlanta, Georgia
Commentators: Stu Bennett, Joe Galli

The calendar shuffling continues as we are on Wednesday for one night only after being on Monday last week. We’re on the road to Hard Times and the TV Title tournament, but at the same time we have Nick Aldis and company running roughshod over the whole show. That could go in a few different directions so let’s get to it.

The opening video looks at the history of Nick Aldis and Tim Storm, who meet for a spot in the tournament tonight.

Into The Fire.

Tim Storm, in a Mama Storm shirt, talks about his history with Aldis. Yes he lost the match to Aldis that took him out of the World Title scene. For what Aldis did to him later though, it’s time for a beating. Cue Aldis and Kamille, who says Storm needs to get calmed down before his blood pressure goes too high. Aldis is in the tournament because he needs something to do. Storm is taking it seriously though and it’s starting to tick Aldis off. He wants it to be clear to Storm, Ricky Morton, or any other Randy the Ram back there trying to stay relevant: he’s the World Champion and that’s what makes you relevant.

Aron Stevens and Question Mark are ready to take over the NWA. This is the same promo from last week.

Aron Stevens vs. Sal Rinauro

Non-title and submissions only. The fans are Rinauro as Stevens is in his ka-ra-te gear. They circle each other to start and Stevens snaps off an armdrag. An armbar attempt sends Sal over to the rope but Stevens pulls on the arm to take over. Stevens misses a dropkick but is fine enough to kick out of a Figure Four attempt (Rinauro’s dancing/strutting took a little too long) and hits a heck of a clothesline. The Mongrobian Clutch (cobra clutch) makes Rinauro tap at 2:51.

Result: Aron Stevens b. Sal Rinauro – Mongrobian Clutch (2:51)

Post match Stevens won’t let go so Trevor Murdoch chases him off. Murdoch wants a fight right now. It can even be non-title because Murdoch just wants to beat him up. Stevens will fight, if Murdoch puts up his spot in the TV Title tournament.

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Trevor Murdoch vs. Aron Stevens

Non-title again. A headbutt puts Stevens on the floor early and it’s a bunch of slams to give Murdoch two back inside. The fans are behind Murdoch as Stevens bails to the ropes, which lets him sucker Murdoch in. Some shots to the ribs have Murdoch in trouble but a sleeper attempt gets Stevens sent face first into the buckle. A full nelson slam sets up something close to an old Indian Deathlock to make Stevens tap at 3:01.

Result: Trevor Murdoch b. Aron Stevens – Indian Deathlock (3:01)

Something called Powerrr Surge is coming.

Pope sits down with Homicide and Eddie Kingston and thinks they could be the World Tag Team Champions here or anywhere.

Hard Times ad.

Here’s Eli Drake for a chat. Maybe he got lost in the sauce last week but it’s been two weeks since he’s been booked in a match. That’s when you hear Nick Aldis talking about being the best World Champion of all times. Ricky Morton was out here saying that Aldis was full of himself and Morton is right. Maybe Drake needs to go find his own match with Morton, Mr. Anderson or James Storm.

Cue Colt Cabana, who doesn’t like Drake ranting about Anderson. Drake wants the Tag Team Titles but Cabana is Anderson’s partner. Not that it matters as Drake won’t be World Champion anyway. Cue Anderson to tease a fight with Drake but Cabana holds them apart.

Girl Powerrr is coming.

Marti Belle rants to Melina and Thunder Rosa about Allysin Kay being a fake friend.

Allysin Kay rants to ODB, Ashley Vox and Tasha Steelz about Marti Belle. They’ll have to figure something out.

Tasha Steelz vs. Marti Belle

Melina is here with Belle. They go to the mat to start with Steelz bouncing out of a headscissors so Belle sends her into the corner. That’s fine with Steelz, who flips over her, only to get kneed in the face for two. A missed charge in the corner lets Steelz hammer away with running elbows. Steelz gets two off a neckbreaker and a cutter is good for the pin on Belle at 4:43.

Result: Tasha Steelz b. Marti Belle – Cutter (4:43)

Post match Melina yells at Belle for the loss.

Next week in the TV Title Tournament: Zicky Dice vs. Caleb Konley.

TV Title Tournament Qualifying Match: Tim Storm vs. Nick Aldis

Non-title. Hold on though as Aldis and company come out in their tracksuits, with Aldis saying Storm has taken the fun out of this. The team is dubbed Strictly Business and Aldis isn’t wrestling in this meaningless match. Storm can have a bye, but he calls Aldis a coward. Aldis has a replacement in mind.

TV Title Tournament Qualifying Match: Tim Storm vs. Royce Isaacs

Storm goes right for him and hammers away in the corner, setting up a clothesline for two. There’s a fall away slam to make it worse as this is one sided so far. Isaacs finally avoids a charge and grabs a t-bone suplex for one. The MAMA STORM chants get Tim back into it and he avoids a middle rope backsplash. A charge in the corner rocks Isaacs again but Storm walks into a cutter out of the corner for two. The dragon suplex into the German suplex is escaped though and it’s the Perfect Storm to finish Isaacs at 4:27.

Result: Tim Storm b. Royce Isaacs – Perfect Storm (4:27)

Post match the Rock N Roll Express come out to yell at Isaacs to end the show.

Roll credits.

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