It’s better than landing in an RKO. Matt Sydal, formerly known as Evan Bourne in WWE, has had a heck of a ride in his career. He was looking like a potential top star in WWE but a few Wellness Policy violations and a horrible foot injury slowed his career down. Now he’s back in multiple companies and things are starting to look up for him.

Sydal recently spoke to on a variety of wrestling related topics, including his upcoming match at Destination X, some current stories in WWE, whether he would turn heel and several other things. Here are some highlights of the interview, which you can see in full by clicking here:

On How Important it was to Wrestle in India

“It was a truly magical moment in my career to wrestle for the Indian fans. The amount of joy, jubilation, enthusiasm, and celebration that they put into the matches while they were going on, amped up my adrenaline level to the next degree and I was able to use that to come out on top and win the Sony Six Challenge.

India is a big part of my success. When I become X-Division Champion or World Champion, it will be because of the Indian fans rallying behind me and believing in me. When I left India, I really felt like I had connected and bonded with Indian fans and I really hope they will go to bat for me like I do for them. We’re all in this together. Regardless of where you’re from and what language you speak, we can all enjoy pro wrestling together. That’s the beauty of Impact Wrestling.”

On Turning Heel One Day

“You know I’d be all about that if there were guys who could take my place as a babyface but there is no one that can step into my shoes. There’s no one who can do what I do. So, there’s plenty of good heels in the business. I don’t see guys who can get fans to rally behind them like I do. It’s hard.

It’s the hardest job in the business and I’m doing it every single night. I don’t take shortcuts. I don’t take the easy way out. I’m not looking for the short answers. I’m looking for the big answers for the questions that are hard to ask. I’ve been in this game since 1999. I will be in this game for the years to come. So, I’ve got a lot of experience and I’m still learning lots.”

In case you forgot it, here’s one of the coolest moments from Sydal’s career.

Randy Orton RKO on Evan Bourne in Mid-Air

And on if He Still Talk to Kofi Kingston

“Yeah of course, and I mean Xavier Woods and Big E are guys I know also. I mean honestly, if New Day were to ever get a new member, if they were ever to be the Bullet Club and just started adding guys, I think I would be top of the list because there’s nothing I like to do more than to go out to the wrestling ring, have some fun, share what I enjoy with the world and put smiles on faces. To work with Kofi again would be a treat because he has incredible in-ring work and what I said about being a babyface? That’s why Kofi Kingston is loved by so many fans because he is true to himself and genuine. That’s how he lives his life. I definitely want to be like that.”

Opinion: The more I see of Sydal, the more I like him. He’s definitely coming off as someone who has a lot more to offer than just a great looking shooting star press, which I never really thought I’d see from him. Sydal is rounding into a strong performer and if he can keep his head on straight and stay healthy, he has a pretty nice looking future.

What do you think of Sydal? Did you like him better in WWE or elsewhere? Let us know in the comments below.


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