Main Event
Date: February 22, 2018
Location: Talking Stick Resort Arena, Phoenix, Arizona
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness

I’ve actually been looking forward to this show as I’m wondering how they’re going to air anything from the gauntlet match here. Unless it’s about a minute or two from each section, it doesn’t leave much time for anything else. Then again it’s not like Smackdown was all that interesting. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Tony Nese vs. Gran Metalik

Nese poses at him to start so Metalik snaps off the headscissors and forearms him into the corner. A nipup gets Nese out of the way of a kick to the chest and he blocks a moonsault with some raised boots. Nese grabs a bodyscissors with Nigel admiring the size of Tony’s thighs. A Quebrada misses and Metalik is back with the rope walk dropkick. Metalik sends him to the floor for a big flipping corkscrew dive and Nese is rocked. Back in and Nese gets crotched on top, setting up the Metalik Driver for the pin at 5:42.

Result: Gran Metalik b. Tony Nese – Metalik Driver (5:42)

Now it’s gauntlet match time and since they air about fifteen minutes here and I’m not about to put a nearly two hour match when they’re airing about a seventh, here’s a link to the full think if you’d like to see it again, but it’s a little too much to put in full here.

Monday Night Raw Results – February 19, 2018

Here’s what some of the losers had to say after the match.

John Cena needs to refocus before entering the Elimination Chamber: Raw, Feb. 19, 2018

Elias' greatest performance awaits at WrestleMania: Raw, Feb. 19, 2018

Seth Rollins goes the distance in the Gauntlet Match: Raw, Feb. 19, 2018

Finn Bálor can't wait to be locked inside the Elimination Chamber with The Miz: Raw, Feb. 19, 2018

Jeff Jarrett Hall of Fame announcement.

Heath Slater/Rhyno vs. Revival

Slater and Dawson start things off with Heath working on the arm as the fans remind us that Slater has kids. Wilder tries to sneak in but Slater throws up some fists and rolls away. Heath actually beats them both up without too much effort and it’s off to Rhyno. Everything breaks down and a double backdrop puts Dawson down as we take a break. Back with Slater getting a hot tag to clean house, including a neckbreaker for two on Wilder. A small package gets the same but a blind tag sets up the Shatter Machine for the pin on Slater at 7:46.

Result: Revival b. Heath Slater/Rhyno – Shatter Machine to Slater (7:46)

Ronda Rousey video.

From Raw.

Sasha Banks/Bayley/Mickie James vs. Mandy Rose/Sonya Deville/Alexa Bliss

Bliss and James start but Alexa bails in short order. With neither getting anywhere, it’s off to Mandy vs. Sasha with Graves saying that if they studied art like Rose in college, he wouldn’t have dropped out. Bayley comes in with a hair whip, followed by a suplex to send Mandy outside.

Back from a break with Bayley in trouble but getting in a shot to Mandy’s jaw. Mandy pulls her right back though and Bliss tags herself in, much to Mandy’s annoyance. The running slap drops Bayley and it’s off to Deville for a chinlock. Bayley fights up and brings in Mickie for some house cleaning, only to have Rose take her down with a cheap shot.

Deville gets in a hard shot for two of her own, only to have Mickie get in a double neckbreaker for the break. Sasha comes in off the hot tag and house is cleaned, including the double knees to the chest to drop Bliss. The middle rope double knees gets two with Mandy making the save. Not that it matters though as the Bank Statement makes Bliss tap at 15:55.

Result: Sasha Banks/Bayley/Mickie James b. Absolution/Alexa Bliss – Bank Statement to Bliss (15:55)

Post match Absolution destroys Banks and Bayley before turning on Bliss. Mickie makes the save though and it’s a double implant DDT to Deville to end the show.

It’s time for the Chamber.

Sasha Banks, Bayley & Mickie James vs. Alexa Bliss, Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville: Raw, Feb. 19, 2018

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