Lucha Underground
Date: June 1, 2016
Location: Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Matt Striker, Vampiro

It’s a big week as we have Matanza defending the Lucha Underground Title against Cage, who is cashing in his Gift of the Gods Title for a shot at the big belt. Other than that it’s hard to say what to expect as the show goes up and down more often than not these days. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of the Trios and Gift of the Gods Titles in recent weeks.

Daga vs. Son of Havoc

Havoc sends him to the floor in about fifteen seconds and kicks him hard in the chest. In a display of strength, Havoc hangs horizontally off the post before dropping down with an elbow. A standing moonsault gets two back inside as we definitely seem to be in squash territory. Daga flips him into a faceplant for two before talking a bit of trash.

They hit the mat with Daga spinning around into a Tequila Sunrise but here’s Kobra Moon for a distraction. It doesn’t seem to bother Daga that much though as he slingshots in with a dropkick in the corner. Havoc pops back up and kicks Daga in the face but misses his springboard double stomp. Kobra distracts Havoc so Daga can kick him in the head (not a DQ for interference) but Havoc shoves him off and hits the Shooting Star for the pin at 6:07.

Result: Son of Havoc b. Daga – Shooting star press (6:07)

Post match Kobra almost wraps herself around Daga, who doesn’t seem pleased.

Rey Mysterio is warming up when Dragon Azteca comes in to say he’s found Matanza’s cell. Dragon wants revenge but Rey say go after the titles again. That makes Dragon think Rey doesn’t care about the dead Dragon Azteca. A fight is about to break out when Prince Puma comes in. Rey tells him to leave but Puma doesn’t take kindly to the suggestion. They all head to the ring in peace.

Trios Titles: Rey Mysterio Jr./Dragon Azteca Jr./Prince Puma vs. Johnny Mundo/PJ Black/Jack Evans

Rey and company are challenging after losing the titles last week. The champs now have matching bandanas and sunglasses. Mysterio and Black start things off with PJ being taken to the mat but ducking a basement kick to the head. The second isn’t as avoidable though as Rey blasts him with another kick, only to have Mundo kick Rey low from the apron.

Evans pulls Rey back across the ring so Mundo can hit him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Rey has flashbacks to teaming with Kidman though and counters a powerbomb with a DDT for the hot tag off to Puma. A northern lights suplex into a vertical suplex drops Mundo again and Azteca helps Puma with a corner enziguri to Evans. Mundo kicks Puma in the head to break up a dive so Black can hit the dive instead.

Evans dropkicks Rey to break up another dive, only to have Puma do the same thing to him. A big old superplex sends Evans and Puma onto the pile and all six are down. Back in and Puma’s 630 is broken up, allowing Jack to hit one of his own for two. Puma is right back up with a suplex to send Jack into the corner though and it’s a double tag to Dragon and Mundo. The other four fight to the floor as Dragon does his big spinning DDT for two on Johnny. Taya gets on the apron so Johnny can kick Dragon low. That’s too much for Puma who gets in the ring and kicks Johnny low for the DQ at 9:45.

Result: Johnny Mundo/Jack Evans/PJ Black b. Prince Puma/Dragon Azteca Jr./Rey Mysterio Jr. via DQ when Puma kicked Mundo low (9:45)

Puma superkicks Taya to really act evil. I could go for Puma vs. Mundo.

Dragon Azteca is at Matanza’s cell when Black Lotus comes up and tells him not to do this. She tells Dragon Azteca that the original Dragon killed her parents but he doesn’t seem to believe her.

Lucha Underground Title: Cage vs. Matanza

Cage is challenging by cashing in his Gift of the Gods Title. Vampiro thinks Matanza is distracted as Cage holds up the title. A slugout goes nowhere and they trade shoulders and elbows. Cage headscissors him out to the floor to set up a BIG flip dive, followed by a moonsault off the top to take Matanza out again.

Dario is freaking out as Matanza is sent face first into the barricade a few times. The champ gets a breather while Cage peels back the floor mats, allowing Matanza to suplex Cage on the concrete. Cage misses a clothesline and gets caught in a release German suplex. Back in and Matanza pounds away with rights and lefts but a standing shooting star (more like a headbutt than a splash) hits knees.

Twenty straight clotheslines in the corner rock Matanza but he comes right back with a fall away suplex for two. Now it’s Cage popping back up with a pumphandle into an X Factor. Back up and both guys try bicycle kicks for a double knockdown. They trade no sold German suplexes but a swinging German suplex knocks Cage silly. Wrath of the Gods is broken up and Cage BLASTS him with a discus lariat for two. A superplex plants Matanza again and a top rope elbow gets two on the champ.

An Alabama Slam and standing moonsault give Cage yet another near fall and that means it’s time for Weapon X. That’s countered as well but the Wrath of the Gods is reversed into a small package for two. The Lucha Destroyer (F5) gets another two for Cage and there go the straps. A series of kicks stagger Matanza but he grabs Wrath of the Gods for the pin at retain at 13:27.

Result: Matanza b. Cage – Wrath of the Gods (13:27)


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