That’s a look. There are several aspects to a wrestler’s overall presentation and one of the biggest is how they appear. A wrestler has to do something to catch the fans’ attention and looking a distinct way is one of the best. Changing appearances can make a big difference and that is what took place this week, as a top WWE star debuted something of a fresh appearance.

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This week’s SmackDown featured an edition of the Firefly Fun House. During the show, Bray Wyatt played a news anchor, game show host and weatherman while asking if you could keep a secret. Wyatt then appeared in a mask to ask the question again. This appears to be the same mask that he put on after his match at the Royal Rumble, though it is the first time it has been seen close up on camera.

IMG Credit: WWE

Wyatt is…something. Check out the Fun House, plus some more of his recent exploits:

Opinion: This is one of those times where Wyatt said a lot but I’m not sure what most of it meant. He has a tendency to talk on and on without saying much of anything and that was the case here. I’m sure it means something to him and we might get to know a piece of that later, but at some point it would be nice to just have him say what he means instead of being all over the place.

What did you think of the look? Where do you see this going? Let us know in the comments below.

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