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History of Wrestlemania, the Royal Rumble, Survivor Series and Summerslam.

NXT Volume I and Volume II

And now for something fresh.

If you’re a wrestling fan, odds are you’re familiar with these two series. They’re some of the most important wrestling shows in history and for vastly different reasons. While Saturday Night’s Main Event offered a chance for the masses to see the WWF on a major TV network, Clash of the Champions went the other way and offered pay per view caliber matches on TBS.

In these books I’ve gone back and looked at every episode of both series to see why each one worked (and didn’t work) in their own ways. There were thirty five Clash of the Champions specials and thirty six Saturday Night’s Main Events, though I’ve thrown in the five Main Event specials as a bonus. Each show is broken down match by match and segment by segment with context, play by play and analysis.

Both are ready to go from Amazon in full paperback form. They’re both priced at $9.99 each and are available worldwide (only in English) from any country’s Amazon page. Here are the links for the US and UK versions.

Saturday Night’s Main Event – US, UK

Clash of the Champions – US, UK

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Thomas Hall


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  • Wrestling Rumors Exclusive: Interview With Justin Roberts! Part 4: World Traveler

  • Wrestling Rumors Exclusive: Interview With Justin Roberts! Part 3: The Low Points

  • Wrestling Rumors Exclusive: Interview With Justin Roberts! Part 2: Being a Fan

  • In Your House #1: That’s How You Celebrate Mother’s Day

  • Wrestling Rumors Exclusive: Interview With Justin Roberts! Part 1: Inspiration

  • Women in Pro Wrestling: Not Just Pretty Faces in the Crowd or the Ring

  • Backlash 2000: FINALLY The Rock Has It Back

  • Opinion: Why The “House of Horrors” Match Didn’t Work

  • Five Point Recap: “Payback 2017”