Can we just say it’s done now? Jinder Mahal’s push and rise to the top of “Smackdown Live” has been one of the most talked about stories of the year. The theory was that everything was leading up to WWE’s tour of India, where Mahal would make his grand homecoming (or as close to one as he can have in India) and be hailed as the big hero. The India tour is now over and we know what happened.

As announced on WWE’s official Twitter, Triple H defeated Jinder Mahal in their match in New Delhi, India. Their match was the main event of the evening and saw Triple H pick up the win with a Pedigree. After the match, Triple H cut a promo, saying that India was in good hands going forward with Mahal.

Here’s Triple H’s promo on Mahal from earlier this week.

Triple H warns Jinder Mahal to be ready for their showdown on Dec. 9 in India

Opinion: Well ok then. I think we can officially declare the Mahal experiment over as he’s lost the title and now can’t even win the one match all year that you could almost guarantee him winning. It didn’t do anything for me since it started and now that it seems to be completely over, I can’t say I’m complaining.

What did you think of Mahal’s time on top? Does he ever get the title back? Let us know in the comments below.


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