Impact Wrestling
Date: September 13, 2018
Location: Rebel Sports Complex, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Commentators: Don Callis, Josh Matthews

The very slow build towards Bound For Glory continues, which should be the case given how far away the show really is. We now have a main event of World Champion Austin Aries defending against Johnny Impact, which was announced in the most low key way possible. You can probably guess what we’ll be getting this week so let’s get to it.

Opening recap.

Opening sequence.

Here are Austin Aries, Moose and Killer Kross for a chat, complete with some couches and a small table. Aries says they’re running the show now and everyone who comes up to them is taken down. Cue KM and Fallah Bahh of all people (Aries: “What the heck is this?”) with Aries saying they’re fat, then realizing that he can’t fat shame anyone.

Apparently Scarlett Bordeaux has them to always speak their mind so KM calls Aries rotten and a horrible World Champion. The monsters get up but Aries tells them to take their seats. Aries offers them a peace offering. Aries: “Not a piece of pie.” Bahh can have a title shot tonight and the deal is made.

Lucha Bros vs. Cult of Lee

Pentagon and Lee start things off and everything breaks down in a hurry with the Cult being dropkicked to the floor as we take a break. Back with Fenix kicking Lee in the face but getting dropped throat first across the top rope. Pentagon gets knocked down as well and it’s Fenix getting double teamed as the fans chant for LUCHA LIBRE. Some chops give Fenix a quick breather but Lee stomps him down in the corner for his efforts.

A double Lethal Injection really gets Fenix out of trouble and the hot tag brings in Pentagon as everything breaks down again. Pentagon flips Fenix into a splash for two on Konley and it’s time for the skin ripping chop in the corner. A spike Fear Factor is broken up and Trevor gets two off the assisted top rope double stomp. Pentagon superkicks Konley to the floor and it’s a dive from Fenix to follow. Now the spike Fear Factor can finish Lee at 12:31.

Result: Lucha Bros b. Cult of Lee – Spike Fear Factor to Lee (12:31)

Post match OVE pops up on screen to say they sell tickets and they’re ready for one more match against the Lucha Bros and Brian Cage at Bound For Glory. Of note: Sami did all of the talking here, but Jake Crist was over his shoulder, mimicking every word he said.

Bahh isn’t sure so KM gives him a pep talk. They need advice from former champions.

Post break Bahh and KM find Eli Drake and ask what he thinks they should do. Drake talks about their clothes and mocks the Mexican fans before next week’s show in Mexico.

Classic Clip of the Week: the Von Erichs at Slammiversary 2014.

Allie and Kiera Hogan don’t like Tessa Blanchard but Allie isn’t going to let what Su Yung did to everyone else happen to her.

Tessa didn’t need Allie’s help. She’ll prove that she’s undeniable in Mexico City.

Alisha vs. Katarina

The bell rings and here are Grado and Joe Hendry to interrupt. Hendry talks about how depressed Grado is. He can’t even eat anymore so Hendry has put together a custom music video to express his feelings. The song talks about access being denied and even references the aborted incest angle between Katarina and her storyline brother Paul Burchill from WWE. Alisha rolls her up for the pin at 2:40 in the only wrestling of the match.

Result: Alisha b. Katarina – Rollup (2:40)

Scarlett Bordeaux rubs Bahh’s stomach and tells him to win the title.

Earlier this week, Josh had a Skype interview with Johnny Impact. After seeing Impact getting laid out last week, Johnny says he registers his injuries as setbacks instead of pain. He knows Moose and Kross are going to get involved at Bound For Glory but Aries needing that much backup tells him that Aries is insecure.

LAX vs. The Fraternity

Non-title and the Fraternity are Channing Decker and Trent Gibson playing college frat boys with a combined SAT score of 2000. Ortiz wastes no time in beating Decker with a flip flop so Decker cartwheels into a clothesline to the back of the head. A belly to belly into a top rope elbow gets two so Santana comes in to clean house.

Santana gets taken down as well for a double headbutt as the Fraternity aren’t looking too shabby. Ortiz sends them back into each other though and uses Decker for half of a Magic Killer on Gibson. Back up and Decker tries a charge down the ramp, only to run into a chokeslam. LAX throws Gibson into Decker in the corner for a Cannonball and the Street Sweeper finishes Decker at 4:16.

Result: LAX b. The Fraternity – Street Sweeper to Decker (4:16)

Post match here are King and the OGz to complain about the ceasefire. The only thing he cares about is that the kid they ran over is still breathing. Konnan has to be held back.

Aries says he’s smiling tonight and at the rate he and his buddies are going, there might not be a Bound For Glory.

Bahh is fired up when Rich Swann comes in to give him another pep talk. Swann runs into Matt Sydal, who again offers to show him the way. That’s a big negative so they’ll have a match next week instead.

Next week: the newest inductee into the Hall of Fame announced.

Kongo Kong vs. Brian Cage

Non-title. Kong runs him over to start and catches a diving Cage in midair. Cage knocks Kong to the ramp so Kong forearms him in the face and hits a big fat dive over the ropes for two. The top rope splash misses so Cage settles for two off a powerslam instead. A Lionsault gives Cage two but the 619 is broken up with a clothesline. Kong hammers away in the corner so Cage Batista Bombs him for two. Cage backflips out of a chokeslam, knees him in the face and hits the discus lariat to turn Kong inside out. The F5 gives Cage the pin at 4:43.

Result: Brian Cage b. Kongo Kong – F5 (4:43)

Post match Cage accepts OVE’s challenge for Bound For Glory.

Bound For Glory rundown.

About thirty people wish Bahh luck.

Impact World Title: Fallah Bahh vs. Austin Aries

Aries is defending as Josh talks about some of the greatest upsets in sports history. As you might expect, Aries has Moose and Kross, both armed with chairs, backing him up. KM is there with Bahh as well. We even get some Big Match Intros with a good sounding announcer. Aries isn’t exactly looking nervous to start and slaps on a headlock to frustrate Bahh early on.

Bahh’s headlock works a bit better as Aries can’t do much with him. Back up and Bahh makes the mistake of running the ropes, leaving him sucking wind on the ropes. We come back from a break with Bahh running Aries over and chopping him down in the corner without needing oxygen. Aries is smart enough to go after the leg but Bahh is right back with more chops. The sitdown splash misses so Aries tries the brainbuster due to reasons of temporary insanity.

Bahh eventually reverses into a suplex and goes back to the chops. The Samoan drop gets two and a belly to belly is good for the same. Bahh tries to roll over Aries but gets reversed into the Last Chancery. That means a foot on the ropes for the break so Aries tries another brainbuster. This one is reversed and a crossbody gives Bahh two but the Banzai drop is broken up again. The Last Chancery goes on for the second time and Bahh taps at 16:22.

Result: Austin Aries b. Fallah Bahh – Last Chancery (16:22)

Post match KM gets laid out with chairs as the fans still cheer for Moose.


Lucha Bros b. Cult of Lee – Spike Fear Factor to Lee
Alisha b. Katarina – Rollup
LAX b. The Fraternity – Street Sweeper to Decker
Brian Cage b. Kongo Kong – F5
Austin Aries b. Fallah Bahh – Last Chancery

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