Impact Wrestling
Date: October 12, 2023
Location: Graceland Live, Memphis, Tennessee
Commentators: Matthew Rehwoldt, Tom Hannifan

We’re just over a week away from Bound For Glory and that means we should be in for some more of the build towards the show. This week will include a five way match to decide the first and last entrants in the Call Your Shot gauntlet match. Some of the other matches need some build to them as well though so let’s get to it.

Opening recap.

Tag Team Titles: Rascalz vs. Sami Callihan/Rich Swann

Callihan and Swann are challenging. Swann kicks Miguel into the corner to start and Callihan comes in to crank on his legs. A leglock sends Miguel over to the ropes so it’s back to Swann for a kick to the ribs. The rolling splash gives Swann two and he hands it off to Callihan, who gets cheap shotted from the floor. The champs start taking turns on Callihan in the corner, followed by Miguel hammering away with right hands.

Callihan avoids what looks like a top rope double stomp and nails a clothesline, allowing the tag back to Swann. House is quickly cleaned and the Rascalz are sent outside for the flip dive off the apron. Back in and Wentz superplexes Swann for two, complete with a double bicep cover.

We take a break and come back with Miguel grabbing a chinlock on Swann to keep things slow. Something like an Octopus hold on the mat fires Swann up again so Miguel goes back to the regular chinlock. It’s back to Wentz who gives up the tag to Callihan so house can be cleaned. Everything breaks down and a double clothesline/double bulldog combination leaves all four down.

Callihan gets superkicked to the floor, leaving Swann to get caught with a powerbomb/Blockbuster combination for two. Miguel loads up the spray paint but hits Wentz by mistake, allowing Swann to kick Miguel to the floor. A spike piledriver gets two on Wentz so they load it up again, only for Swann to get crotched on top. Callihan gets hit low and the Hot Fire Flame retains the titles at 18:25.

Result: Rascalz b. Sami Callihan/Rich Swann – Hot Fire Flame to Callihan (18:25)

We look at Heath and Kenny King brawling two weeks ago.

Kenny King says Santino Marella and Scott D’Amore are running from him but Sheldon Jean doesn’t get it. King says it doesn’t matter because he’s coming for Heath.

KiLynn King doesn’t like Jody Threat after all of the violence Threat has done, including an attack with a tire iron. Cue Santino Marella to say there was no way to know it was a tire iron, which leaves King to confess to being the one to attack Taylor Wilde. Long Live The King.

Eric Young vs. Dirty Dango vs. Jordynne Grace vs. Jake Something vs. Champagne Singh

The winner is the #20 entrant in the Call Your Shot gauntlet while the person to take the fall is #1. Alpha Bravo is here with Dango, whose catchphrase is cut off by Something’s entrance. We’re joined in progress after a break with Singh and Dango stomping on Something and Young but Grace comes back in to slug away at the villains. She spends too much time posing though, allowing Singh and Dango to take her down.

We pause for Singh and Dango to have a pose off before Singh chokes Grace in the corner. Young comes back in but gets sent outside, leaving Singh and Dango to beat Grace up some more. A double elbow puts Grace down again but Something comes back in to drop Singh. Back up and the double teaming continues on Grace, at least until Singh crotches Dango on top. Grace uses the distraction to German suplex Dango and kind of Jackhammer Singh for two.

Something is back in again with a powerbomb to Dango but Singh steals the cover for two more. Singh catches something on top but Grace is back in to make it a Tower Of Doom. The cover is broken up by Dango’s Last Dance but Young cuts Dango off. The top rope elbow hits Dango but Bravo makes the save. Bravo shines a flashlight on Young, who drops him with a right hand. Singh decks Young…..and cue Oleg Prudius (Vladimir Kozlov) to wreck some people, including a headbutt to Something. Dango hits the Dead Ant to pin Something at 9:00.

Result: Dirty Dango b. Eric Young, Jordynne Grace, Champagne Singh and Jake Something – Dead Ant to Something (9:00)

Crazzy Steve is still singing about wanting to hurt Tommy Dreamer. He stabbed Dreamer before Dreamer could stab him because he is Dreamer’s angel of death. Steve is ready to show Dreamer about pain.

Mike Bailey understands Jonathan Gresham’s frustrations but he’s focused on Will Ospreay at Bound For Glory. For next week though, the open challenge is on.

Courtney Rush vs. Tasha Steelz

Jessicka and Deonna Purrazzo are here too. They trade arm control to start before fighting over a waistlock. The grappling goes to the mat with Rush slipping out of a headscissors but not being able to grab what looked to be a Sharpshooter. A t-bone suplex drops Steelz again but Purrazzo’s distraction lets Steelz avoid a high crossbody. Steelz kicks her to the floor where Purrazzo gets in a cheap shot like a villain should.

Back in and a double clothesline puts Rush and Steelz down, followed by Rush hitting something close to Flip Flop and Fly. The Sharpshooter goes on this time but Steelz makes the rope for the break. Rush tries to pull her away from the ropes but Steelz pulls her into a Codebreaker for two. Back up and Rush’s spear hits the buckle, allowing Steelz to hit a cutter for the pin at 7:09.

Result: Tasha Steelz b. Courtney Rush – Cutter (7:09)

Video on Josh Alexander being forced to vacate the World Title earlier this year and his path back to the title match against Alex Shelley at Bound For Glory.

We look at Josh Alexander and Alex Shelley teaming up in a losing effort in New Japan, where Alexander accidentally hit Shelley.

Bully Ray didn’t like what Steve Maclin has said about him recently but Maclin stands up to him. Ray says cool and walks off.

Bound For Glory/next week rundown.

Frankie Kazarian vs. Eddie Edwards

This is a Killer Impact match, meaning the first fall is pinfall only, the second fall is submission only and the third fall, if necessary, is Last Man Standing. Eddie knocks him to the apron to start but Kazarian hits a quick slingshot Fameasser over the middle rope. A slingshot rollup gives Kazarian two but Eddie pokes him in the eye and grabs a belly to back suplex. Eddie chokes on the ropes but Kazarian comes back with some shots of his own. The springboard spinning legdrop misses though and the Boston Knee Party gives Edwards the first fall at 3:26.

Kazarian takes his time getting up for the second fall and Edwards is right there to suplex him back down. Some shots in the corner have Kazarian down again and a belly to back suplex sends us to a break. Back with Eddie chopping him down but Kazarian slaps him in the face. The chickenwing is broken up so Kazarian goes with an elbow to the face. That’s fine with Eddie, who belly to back suplexes him out to the floor in a nasty crash. More chops have Kazarian’s chest bleeding and even more have him staggering around ringside.

Back in and Kazarian manages to slug away, setting up a hard clothesline to put Eddie down for a change. Kazarian ties up Eddie’s leg and pulls on his arm for a weird submission. Eddie kicks his way to freedom and grabs a half crab. That’s broken up as well but Eddie is right back with the Backpack Stunner…only to pose enough for Kazarian to grab the chickenwing to tie it up at 17:59 total.

Kazarian shoves Eddie off the top for a crash out to the floor and the slingshot hurricanrana makes it worse. We take a break and come back with Kazarian unloading with a trashcan, which winds up being rather destroyed. Kazarian misses a charge and gets sent hard into a production worker at ringside for an eight count. Eddie suplexes him right back down and then does it again, with Kazarian barely beating the count.

They get back inside where Kazarian grabs a slingshot cutter for a seven count before Kazarian falls out to the floor. Since we need one, Kazarian loads up a table, though he is smart enough to stop and blast Edwards with a cookie sheet. Eddie is fine enough to suplex him onto the steps and we get another near count. Kazarian grabs an Unprettier onto the steps but that’s still not quite enough.

Eddie is laid on the table so Kazarian goes up, only to have Alisha Edwards run in with a kendo stick for the save. Some chairs are piled up in the ring and a top rope superplex drops Kazarian onto them for the big crash. They both get back up and head outside again, with Eddie setting up another table (because you need two). A low blow gets Kazarian out of trouble and a Styles Clash on the stage drops Eddie again.

For some reason Kazarian goes back to ringside, where Alisha’s tornado DDT is pulled out of the air. Kazarian drives them through a table (with Kazarian taking most of the impact) but Eddie is back to jump Kazarian again. They fight on the apron until Kazarian hits Fade to Black through the table at ringside for the win at 33:26 total.

Result: Frankie Kazarian b. Eddie Edwards 2-1 (33:26)


Rascalz b. Sami Callihan/Rich Swann – Hot Fire Flame to Callihan
Dirty Dango b. Eric Young, Jordynne Grace, Champagne Singh and Jake Something – Dead Ant to Something
Tasha Steelz b. Courtney Rush – Cutter
Frankie Kazarian b. Eddie Edwards 2-1

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