Still in the before. One of the more interesting series of developments over the last few months has been the introduction of a few fresh names on the main roster. Last month, five new names made the move up from NXT to the two main WWE shows, though none of them actually have a permanent home as of yet. Some of them were in action before this week’s SmackDown Live.

According to, the dark match before this week’s SmackDown Live saw Heavy Machinery defeat Sanity. Heavy Machinery were both called up earlier this year as two of the five NXT names, while Sanity has been on the main roster for just under a year. However, Sanity has barely been used while Heavy Machinery has at least appeared in two four way matches to crown new #1 contenders.

This team is a lot of fun. Check out Heavy Machinery’s first main roster match:

Heavy Machinery’s first match on Raw: Raw, Jan. 21, 2019

Opinion: I’m starting to feel sorry for Sanity. They got called up nearly a year ago and we’re already at the point where it’s almost impossible to get them on TV in any form. You would think a team designed to shake things up would be one of the easiest acts in the world to present, but for some reason they’re just never around. Hopefully the same thing doesn’t happen to Heavy Machinery.

What do you think of Heavy Machinery? Which of these teams has the brighter future? Let us know in the comments below.

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