Just….why? One of the biggest questions from earlier in the year was why Bayley won the Women’s Title from Charlotte and then defeated her at “Fastlane 2017”. This was Charlotte’s first loss in a pay per view title match, ending a streak that lasted over a year. The question was why not wait to do this until “Wrestlemania XXXIII”.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was a simple case of WWE not knowing how else to spread the story all the way out to “Wrestlemania XXXIII”. Basically they ran out of ideas and had to give Bayley the title before “Fastlane 2017” because they didn’t have any other way to keep the story going.

“The reason the original women’s storyline for this year, which was to culminate in Bayley beating Charlotte to win the four-way at Mania and take the title was changed to having Bayley win a TV match earlier was the feeling that they needed more ups and downs in the story to get from January to Mania so did the title change earlier.”

Opinion: So let me get this straight: they started this story back in January and they ran out of ideas a month later? No one sat down and realized how long they could stretch the thing out? That really doesn’t make the writers look great as they really could have just waited until “Fastlane 2017” to have Bayley lose to Charlotte and just go from there. Why the first match just had to be at “Royal Rumble 2017” isn’t clear but that’s what we got and if you don’t like what they did, get over it because that’s what they decided to do.

Bayley vs. Charlotte Flair - Raw Women's Championship Match: Raw, Feb. 13, 2017

How would you have booked the story? Should Bayley have won before “Wrestlemania XXXIII”? Let us know in the comments below.


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