Date: October 7, 2022
Location: Entertainment And Sports Arena, Washington DC

It’s the first half of a live double shot with a special Rampage. That should make the show a bit more interesting, which is a boost that is rather necessary around here. We have a Trios Titles match tonight, as the previously announced mask vs. career match has been canceled due to reasons of Andrade El Idolo. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Blackpool Combat Club vs. Rush/Private Party

Regal calls Excalibur a caramel cheesecake that he would let melt in his mouth. Regal to Jericho: “I’d rather rip off my own eyelids and dip my head in hot soapy water than sit next to you.” The Firm is watching at ringside as Castagnoli takes Kassidy down with almost no effort to start. Yuta comes in as Jericho and Regal argue over how filthy and horrible Blackpool, England is.

Kassidy gets sent down again so it’s off to Rush, who spits at Moxley and shakes his hair, which is enough to bring Moxley in. Rush’s German suplex is easily blocked as Moxley sends him into the corner and we take a break. Back with Rush coming in to stay on Moxley but Kassidy isn’t a fan. Moxley fights up and brings in Castagnoli to clean house, including a Swing to Quen and an airplane spin to Kassidy at the same time.

Back up and Private Party kicks Moxley outside, only to get taken down by Yuta. A top rope splash gets two on Kassidy with Rush making the save. Moxley sends Rush outside and hits a suicide dive, leaving Kassidy to rake Yuta’s eyes. Silly String is broken up by Castagnoli and the pop up uppercut drops Kassidy. That leaves Yuta to grab an arm hold (the Bicep Slice) to make Quen tap at 10:11.

Result: Blackpool Combat Club b. Rush/Private Party – Bicep Slice to Quen (10:11)

Video on Death Triangle vs. Dark Order, with 10 talking about how much Brodie Lee meant to him.

Varsity Blonds vs. Tony Nese/Josh Woods

Nese gets taken into the Blonds corner to start and Garrison comes in to crank on the wrist. A blind tag brings in Woods though and it’s an Angle Slam/neckbreaker combination to finish Garrison at 1:56. Arn Anderson is shown watching in disgust in the back.

Result: Tony Nese/Josh Woods b. Varsity Blonds – Angle Slam/neckbreaker combination to Garrison (1:56)

Post match Mark Sterling says he has trademarked the term VARSITY in wrestling, so Nese and Woods are now known as the Varsity Athletes. If the Blonds use the term, he’ll sue. For a more personal issue though, his groin has been on fire since National Scissoring Day….and here is the Acclaimed to interrupt. Rapping and three way scissoring ensues.

Eddie Kingston talks about losing control two weeks ago against Sammy Guevara and then gets annoyed that he is out of time after thirty seconds. Kingston: “MJF gets fifteen minutes and I get thirty seconds?”

Tay Melo/Anna Jay vs. Madison Rayne/Skye Blue

Madison and Jay start things off with Rayne having to deal with an early Melo distraction. Blue comes in and manages a kick to Jay’s face, only to get tripped down and kicked by Melo. We take a break and come back with Rayne getting the tag to clean house as everything breaks down. Melo gets planted but Melo catches Rayne with a Gory Bomb. Blue superkicks Melo but the Queenslayer makes Blue tap at 7:48.

Result: Tay Melo/Anna Jay b. Madison Rayne/Skye Blue – Queenslayer to Blue (7:48)

The Dark Order wants to win the Trios Titles for Brodie Lee, but Pac and the Death Triangle says not so fast.

Here’s what’s coming on various show.

Swerve Strickland doesn’t care about getting cheers, but rather beating up Billy Gunn.

Trios Titles: Dark Order vs. Death Triangle

Death Triangle is defending. It’s a brawl to start with the referee having to get the belts out of the ring. Fenix can’t hurricanrana 10, who sends him over to the rest of the Order for a double faceplant. We settle down to Reynolds dropping a slingshot elbow on Fenix for two but it’s right off to Penta. That’s fine with Reynolds who drops him with a superkick to take over again. Silver comes in to slug it out with Penta and we take a break.

Back with Penta coming back in to take over, including a Backstabber to Reynolds for two. Pac comes in for a bridging German suplex and a near fall of his own, leaving Penta to pose over Reynolds. A spinebuster plants Reynolds again and Penta adds the top rope What’s Up stomp for two. Penta works on Reynolds’ arm as commentary talks about the Jim Crockett days. Pac suplexes Reynolds on the floor and we take a break.

Back with Reynolds dropping Pac and diving over for the tag off to 10. House is cleaned and 10 steals Shawn Spears’ 10 deal, only to get hammered down by known gimmick protector Pac. JR isn’t sure why the champs can triple team 10, who gets caught with a moonsault/flipping splash combination. Back up and 10 gets over to Silver for the tag and the slugout is on with Pac. A brainbuster gets two on Pac but a blind tag brings in Fenix. That doesn’t seem to matter to the Order, who loads up the Pendulum Bomb to drop Fenix for two just as fast.

Everything breaks down again and Penta Backstabbers Silver out of the corner. The Order is right back up to clean house with 10 hitting the discus lariat to give Reynolds a rather close two. Cue Jose the Assistant for a distraction and it’s Rush giving Pac the bell hammer. That’s enough to knock Reynolds silly (not clear if the Lucha Bros saw it) and Fenix takes out 10. Pac comes back in and grabs the Brutalizer for the pin at 21:05.

Result: Death Triangle b. Dark Order – Brutalizer to 10 (21:05)


Blackpool Combat Club b. Rush/Private Party – Bicep Slice to Quen
Tony Nese/Josh Woods b. Varsity Blonds – Angle Slam/neckbreaker combination to Garrison
Tay Melo/Anna Jay b. Madison Rayne/Skye Blue – Queenslayer to Blue
Death Triangle b. Dark Order – Brutalizer to Reynolds

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