We have finally arrived in London for the biggest show in AEW history and very likely the biggest event the company will ever run. There are going to be a bunch of big matches as the card is stacked, meaning we should be in for a great night if AEW’s history is anything to believe. In theory the main event will be Adam Cole challenging MJF for the World Title so let’s get to it.

Zero Hour: FTW Title: Jack Perry(c) vs. Hook

This was made on Collision and as you might expect, it will be under FTW rules, meaning street fight. These two have more or less been feuding over the legacy of ECW, but thankfully the ECW legends have stopped showing up. The interesting thing here is that this could go either way, as Perry losing the title seems a bit soon but it seems like a perfect place to give Hook the title back.

I’ll go with Perry winning here, but the FTW Title needs to go away sooner than later. It’s nice to have Perry winning and holding onto something but at some point he has to get away from the ECW/Taz and Hook stuff. Losing the match here isn’t going to help him at all though so we’ll go with Perry retaining, likely through some shenanigans, but I’m hardly convinced that I’m right.

Zero Hour: Ring Of Honor Tag Team Titles: Aussie Open(c) vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman/Adam Cole

There is a lot to unpack here and we’ll start with the fact that the Ring Of Honor Tag Team Titles are being used as a plot point in the AEW World Title feud. That isn’t a great way to make the titles look important, but then again what does look important in ROH? Anyway, MJF and Cole are still set or the main event of All In, and this match is likely going to play a big role in how that goes.

As I don’t think the MJF vs. Cole feud ends here, I’ll go with new champions. It’s not like the titles have any value otherwise so maybe they can get a temporary boost here. At the very last, I want to see the Kangaroo Kick and a double clothesline for the titles so there could be something to look forward to here. MJF vs. Cole is the biggest story in AEW at the moment and the Aussies can get the titles back later, as they should drop them here.

Golden Elite vs. Konosuke Takeshita/Bullet Club Gold

There is quite the variety of matches on the show and I’m not sure where else to start. This is one of two matches that are built around Don Callis, who has become pretty much the second biggest heel on the roster, depending on how you currently view MJF. The main feud here is going to be Kenny Omega vs. Takeshita, but the more I get of the Club these days, the better things go.

I’ll take Takeshita and the Club to win here, as Hangman Page or Kota Ibushi are both there to take the fall for the team. Omega vs. Callis N Pals feels like a feud that is going to keep going for a VERY long time and right now we are only kind of getting the fight between them. The villains have to win early so the hero can win later, meaning Takeshita and the Club go over here.

Darby Allin/Sting vs. Christian Cage/Swerve Strickland

This is a Coffin Match, which doesn’t quite fit in with the heels, even though Cage had something similar to one earlier this year. The Coffin Match idea seems to favor Allin and Sting, in addition to the fact that they have interacted for more than about half an hour if you count a 21 minute tag match Strickland and Cage teamed in this week on Collision. That doesn’t exactly bode well going forward and makes me think this match might not be the most surprising.

I don’t see any reason to have Cage and Strickland here, as Allin and Sting have all of the advantages here. Outside of Luchasaurus interfering (which is certainly a possibility), there isn’t much of a way to get behind the villains. It should be the usual wacky all over the place match with Sting doing some big dive before winning in the end, which is the most logical way to go here.

Real World Title: CM Punk(c) vs. Samoa Joe

What we have here is a good example of going back to a classic feud that works rather than just trying to recreate the past. They have issues that are going on at the moment and it makes the match feel like another step after a long break rather than reheating something for the sake of a nostalgic reaction. It helps that both of them are awesome talkers and the hype has been pretty good throughout.

I’ll go with Punk here, as he is a bigger star in AEW and it isn’t like the ROH TV Champion getting pinned is going to hurt him very much. There isn’t much of a reason to give Joe two belts and again, I can’t imagine much of a way for the villain to win here without some kind of interference (Ricky Starks and/or Big Bill in this case). What matters here though is having a legendary rivalry renewed (and likely ended) on a huge stage. With Punk winning.

Trios Titles: House Of Black(c) vs. Acclaimed/Billy Gunn

It’s another case where it really could go either way but there is one way that it needs to go. This is the fallout of Gunn retiring/possibly dying based on how the Acclaimed was reacting, but now he’s back for the big fight in his chance for one more run with his friends. That should tell you where this is going, but there is something to be said about the dominance of the champs.

As dominant as the House has been, there is little reason to not put the titles on Gunn and the Acclaimed here, as having them lose would feel very anti-climactic after everything that has gone on. At the same time, the House has already run through most of the believable challengers so changing the titles here makes the most sense. I could see the House retaining, but the good guys getting their moment is the better way to go.

Tag Team Titles: FTR(c) vs. Young Bucks

Here we have the big showdown that should have happened about a year ago but instead we were left standing around because….something about the Trios Titles being absolutely necessary. FTR has been back to doing what they do better than anyone else in the world over the last few months while the Bucks have wrestled two regular tag matches since February. But it’s a big feud so reheating it this fast isn’t that big of a stretch.

As much as I want to pick FTR to retain here, I have a bad feeling that the Bucks are going to get their big moment here and get to be the first three time champion. Throw in Cash Wheeler’s legal issues in the last few days and it would be hard to picture FTR retaining. FTR should win, and while I would certainly hope that I’m wrong, I think they’ll go with the “special” moment of the Bucks winning the titles. Again. At least it isn’t a ladder match.

Women’s Title: Hikaru Shida(c) vs. Britt Baker vs. Saraya vs. Toni Storm

If there is one thing that AEW does very well, it is give you a match where you could see multiple winners. Here you have Shida, who has not gotten the big moment as champion, Saraya as the home country girl, Storm doing some of the best work in his career, and Baker, who REALLY needs the boost but hasn’t been doing much of anything interesting in months now. Three out of four isn’t bad though and we have some real options to leave with the title.

I’ll go with Shida retaining here, as there is something to be said about her getting the big moment. She had a long title reign the first time around but never got to do anything special like retain the title here. It’s also hardly a stretch to keep the title on here and only Storm feels like someone who is ready to take it off of her, but her whole thing is being upset over NOT being the champion. So yeah, Shida wins here, just hopefully not beating Storm in the process.

Eddie Kingston/Orange Cassidy/Best Friends/Penta El Zero Mideo vs. Blackpool Combat Club/Santana/Ortiz

This is Stadium Stampede, which we’re doing in theory a week before the already set up matches between Moxley/Cassidy and Castagnoli/Kingston. I’m not sure how they’re going to do one of these things with all of the people around but why go sane when you can go insane? The previous versions of this have been quite the spectacles, but their quality has been a bit up and down. Odds are we’re going to get some more totally out there stuff though and that can be fun.

This feels like the way to set up some rematches between the members of the team, which will hopefully include Moxley getting to take the International Title from Cassidy. Therefore, I’ll go with the villains winning as Moxley pins Cassidy to set up their match. The other option of Kingston beating Castagnoli is out there, but it wouldn’t shock me to see them wait for Final Battle in December to finally give Kingston the title. For now though, I’ll take the villains to win.

Will Ospreay vs. Chris Jericho

So here we have one of the most successful British wrestlers of all time and one of the most entertaining stars going today being presented as a heel (he’s with Callis so yes he’s a heel) on the biggest wrestling show in British wrestling history. I’m sure there’s a logic to that move, even if the face/heel dynamic could be all over the place here. That being said, the promo battle to set this up was one of the best I can remember in recent months so they’re certainly onto something.

As was the case earlier with the six man tag, the villains have to win early so they can lose in the end. Jericho losing here is the way to go as he can continue dealing with the fallout of initially wanting to join Callis’ family. Ospreay is probably coming to AEW full time sooner rather than later so it would make sense to give him the big win here. You can all but guarantee Callis’ interference, which isn’t likely to be enough to overcome the cheers Ospreay is going to get as he wins here.

AEW World Title: Maxwell Jacob Friedman(c) vs. Adam Cole

This is the biggest story in AEW right now and my goodness it needs to keep going after this show. The good thing is that the story has all kinds of ways it can go and that’s not even factoring in the Roderick Strong side. The question becomes who turns on whom here, but the options of both or neither are strong possibilities. Having that many options is a great sign and now we get to figure out where it goes.

With all of the options available, I’ll go with…..Cole wins, but neither turns yet. It opens the doors for a rematch, likely at All Out, but what is going to matter is seeing where it goes from here. Cole has already failed to beat him once and having MJF be revealed as this big criminal mastermind would make Cole look like the biggest loser in the world. I might as well be flipping a coin here, but yeah I’ll take Cole to win and Strong to not get overly involved just yet.

Overall Thoughts

The best thing that I can say about any show is that I have almost no idea who is going to win most of these matches. There are different ways that you could go in almost every match and that makes for a rather interesting care. This show is going to be about the spectacle though and if AEW does it right, the place is going to look incredible. The wrestling has to back it up though, and the good thing is the potential to do so is absolutely there. Now just make it work.

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