Date: May 1, 2024
Location: Canada Life Center, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Commentators: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Taz

We’re coming in off a big story last week as the Elite attacked Tony Khan and left him laying to end the show. That opens up a bunch of questions about where things are going, but right now that seems to mean more Young Bucks. Other than that we find out who is challenging Swerve Strickland at Double Or Nothing later this month. Let’s get to it.

Tony Khan joins us from Jacksonville, Florida and says he’ll be running the show remotely this week as he isn’t cleared to travel. Then the Young Bucks cut the feed and, in short, say that since Khan isn’t here and they’re still EVP’s, they’re in charge and have the contacts to prove it. Hit that new intro, now featuring all the Elite!

Here is Swerve Strickland, with Prince Nana, for a chat. Strickland talks about being around a lot lately and how that’s what this company deserves. As for the Bucks, what they did to Tony Khan was a b**** move. Now though he needs a challenger for Double Or Nothing, so who is it? Cue the Bucks on the screen to fine him for swearing and send out the new #1 contender: the returning Christian Cage.

The brawl is on without a word and a Patriarchy distraction lets Cage hit the Killswitch onto the title. Nana gets taken out as well and Cage says he hasn’t forgotten Strickland attacking Nick Wayne months ago. They were a team at All In and Swerve lost so now it’s time for some revenge. Cage is going to beat him up so badly that Swerve’s daughter doesn’t know him, but Cage will be her father. Then Luchasaurus pulls out some of Swerve’s hair.

We recap Adam Copland vs. the House of Black, with the House getting the better of things recently and earning a TNT Title shot this week.

TNT Title: Buddy Matthews vs. Adam Copeland

Copeland is defending and shrugs off Matthews’ headlock to start. Copeland takes him down but Matthews pops back up for a staredown. Matthews is knocked outside for a big dive and we take a break. Back with Matthews catching him with a hanging DDT and they’re both down.

Matthews is back up with a kick to the back and a chinlock, with Taz being right there to explain the physics. Copeland fights out and the flapjack puts Matthews down for a change. Both of them head up on the same corner before crashing back down, meaning it’s a double dive back inside to beat the count. Back in and they hit stereo crossbodies, leaving Matthews to be checked on by medics and we take a break.

We come back again with the match continuing and Matthews getting two off a sitdown powerbomb. Matthews heads up top, where Copeland cuts him off and hits a super Impaler DDT for two more. The spear is cut off with some knees to the face and a Jackhammer gives Matthews two, followed by a quick crossface. Copeland fights up, avoids the stomp, and hits a spear to retain at 21:03.

Result: Adam Copeland b. Buddy Matthews – Spear (21:03)

Post match Copeland loads up the Conchairto but the lights go out with Malakai Black appearing. Black tells Copeland to do it but Copeland won’t, allowing Black to disappear. Commentary questions if Black has pushed Copeland that far, suggesting that Copeland needs to be pushed to go violent, and also suggesting that they know very little about Copeland.

Samoa Joe vs. Isiah Kassidy

Kassidy mocks Joe’s towel pose to start and is dropped face first onto the mat to cut that off. A springboard neck snap across the top rope gives Kassidy an opening but the running dive is casually avoided, as is Joe’s custom. Back in and Kassidy tries a monkey flip for some reason, earning himself the MuscleBuster to give Joe the pin at 3:28.

Result: Samoa Joe b. Isiah Kassidy – MuscleBuster (3:28)

Skye Blue wants a TBS Title shot on Rampage.

Here is Orange Cassidy for a chat. He hates what has been going on and wanted the Best Friends to reunite after everything that has happened. Instead, he is told that Chuck Taylor will never wrestle again after what Trent Beretta did to him last weekend. Cue Beretta to say Cassidy is making it about him again, meaning security has to hold them apart. Don Callis comes out to walk Cassidy to the back.

The Young Bucks say they have had too much TV time tonight and let Jack Perry have some. Perry talks about how Tony Khan made him the scapegoat and now we are in a new era under the Elite.

FTW Title: Chris Jericho vs. Katsuyori Shibata

Jericho is defending under FTR rules. Shibata wrestles him down into a wristlock to start but Jericho elbows him down and hits a Lionsault (onto the legs) less than a minute and a half in. Taz rants about how Jericho has ruined the FTW Title as Jericho brings in an FTW trashcan lid. Jericho whips out a bag of hockey pucks (Taz: “Ok that’s creative”) but Shibata slams him onto them instead. Back up and they chop it out as we take a break.

We come back with Jericho throwing a hockey puck at him and grabbing the Walls. Shibata slips out and grabs the Figure Four so Jericho throws another puck at him for the break. Jericho puts a trashcan over Shibata’s head and beats on it with a kendo stick, only to have Shibata stand up (still in trashcan) and slowly stalk Jericho into the corner. The trashcan comes off and Shibata hands him a kendo stick so they can sit down and trade stick shots to the head.

The fight goes to Shibata so let’s get a table in here. Shibata nails him with a clothesline and moves the table from leaning in the corner to in front of the corner…and here is Big Bill to put Shibata through the table. Jericho gets the pin at 15:24 without having to do anything.

Result: Chris Jericho b. Katsuyori Shibata – Chokeslam through a table from Big Bill (15:24)

Kris Statlander apologizes to Willow Nightingale for Mercedes Mone interrupting her last week. It’s cool with Nightingale, who is ready to take out Skye Blue tonight. Stokely Hathaway goes on a rant about the Young Bucks, who send in a text to say Hathaway and Statlander are banned from ringside and Nightingale loses the title if there is any interference.

Brian Cage vs. Claudio Castagnoli

We hear from Castagnoli during his entrance, where he talks about being the best because he is so consistent. They trade clotheslines to start until Cage grabs a suplex. Castagnoli is back up with a spinning backbreaker and a double stomp but Cage catches him on top. The apron superplex connects and we take a break. Back with Cage hitting a discus lariat for two but Castagnoli runs him over as well. Castagnoli’s Swiss 1 9 sets up his own discus lariat for his own two. Swiss Death gets two more and Castagnoli Swings him into the Sharpshooter for the win at 9:53.

Result: Claudio Castagnoli b. Brian Cage – Sharpshooter (9:53)

Rocky Romero isn’t siding with anyone in the Best Friends’ drama because no one wins. He’s doing his own thing and now he wants a title shot. Romero wants Kyle O’Reilly, may the best man win.

Mariah May vs. Serena Deeb

Toni Storm and Luther are here with May. They go with the grappling to start with May getting tied up in a Paradise Lock for a dropkick. May is back up with a Stratusphere into a dropkick of her own and we take an early break. Back with Deeb neckbreakering her over the middle rope and hitting a fisherman’s neckbreaker to make it worse. A hammerlock lariat gives Deeb two but May kicks her in the head.

May’s missile dropkick sets up a hip attack and It’s Gotta Be May gets two. A rather spinning backslide gives Deeb two but May suplexes her back down. Deeb blocks another Stratusphere and grabs the half crab, even slamming May’s knee into the mat. That’s enough for Storm, who throws the towel in for the old school ending at 10:32.

Result: Serena Deeb b. Mariah May when Toni Storm threw in the towel (10:32)

Deeb’s title shot is official for Double Or Nothing.

Adam Copeland seems a bit shaken up by the House Of Black when Kyle O’Reilly comes in to say he has Copeland’s back if he ever needs it. Copeland is appreciative of the offer, but thinks O’Reilly might have eyes for the TNT Title. As long as there isn’t lust in his eyes, he’ll be ok.

Here is Kenny Omega so Justin Roberts does his big entrance. Omega says he has never been good about talking about injuries and illness, but last year he was diagnosed with diverticulitis. He’ll leave out the gory details but he was 24 hours away from dying. Omega wanted to get fixed up quick but was told he needed surgery, which would leave him needing a colostomy bag for several months, if not the rest of his life.

Omega wanted to avoid surgery, which meant he would have a time bomb in his stomach. If he ever took a shot to the stomach again, he could wind up in the hospital having the surgery anyway. That had him thinking he might have to retire, but then he saw Dynasty and he got scared of being a wrestler. He stated shaking from withdrawals and he needed to be in this ring again.

There are people talking about being the best in the world and he is already being forgotten. He is going to exhaust every option to get back in this ring, bag or no bag. Omega: “We’re talking about colostomy bags, so why not talks about two other ***** while we’re at it?”

He brings up the Young Bucks, who are EVP’s, but so is Omega himself. Part of the power in this company belongs to him, but here is Kazuchika Okada to interrupt (Schiavone: “My God.”). Omega greets him in Japanese and offers to run it back one more time if Okada can give him a few months. Okada declines, saying he is the Best Bout Machine now.

Cue Jack Perry to jump Omega from behind and then grab a chair but Omega fights back. The dragon suplex connects but Okada offers a distraction, allowing Perry to hit Omega in the stomach with a chair. The Young Bucks come in and hit the EVP Trigger, with FTR running out for the save to end the show.


Adam Copeland b. Buddy Matthews – Spear
Samoa Joe b. Isiah Kassidy – MuscleBuste
Chris Jericho b. Katsuyori Shibata – Chokeslam through a table from Big Bill
Claudio Castagnoli b. Brian Cage – Sharpshooter
Serena Deeb b. Mariah May when Toni Storm threw in the towel

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