Date: February 14, 2024
Location: H-E-B Center, Cedar Park, Texas
Commentators: Excalibur, Taz, Tony Schiavone

We have two and a half weeks to go before Revolution and after last week’s ending, what very well could be the main event got a lot more serious. Last week the Young Bucks brutally attacked the new Tag Team Champions, Sting and Darby Allin, before their title match at Revolution. Odds are we’ll hear something about that tonight so let’s get to it.

Jon Moxley vs. Dax Harwood

There are no seconds here and Moxley takes him into the corner to start…for a kiss? Moxley puts his hands behind his back so Harwood kisses him as well, followed by some right hands. Harwood slugs away but Moxley bites his face and kicks him down in the corner. A choke is broken up but Harwood can’t get the Sharpshooter.

They fight to the floor where Harwood is sent over the barricade, followed by the slingshot into the post to rock him hard. Back in and Moxley hammers away but a powerbomb out of the corner plants him down for two. They crash out to the floor again and we take a break. Back with the two of them striking it out until they both go down. Moxley goes up but Harwood catches him with a top rope superplex and they’re both down again.

Harwood grabs the Sharpshooter as we get the five minute call. Moxley breaks it up and goes for the cross armbreaker, which is broken up as well. Harwood’s piledriver gets two and they head outside again, with the fans dubbing this awesome. Back in and Moxley hits a Stomp into a piledriver of his own for a rather near fall. The Paradigm Shift is countered into a brainbuster to give Harwood two as we have two minutes left. Harwood goes up but dives into the rear naked choke for the tap at 18:39.

Result: Jon Moxley b. Dax Harwood – Rear naked choke (18:39)

Post match Moxley won’t let go so Cash Wheeler runs in for the save, only to have Claudio Castagnoli jump Wheeler.

Don Callis says his Family has all the talent so we’ll do Konosuke Takeshita vs. Will Ospreay at Revolution.

Wardlow vs. Barrett Brown

Knee to the face and powerbomb finish Brown at 1:24.

Result: Wardlow b. Barrett Brown – Powerbomb (1:24)

Earlier today, the Young Bucks, still in their bloody gear, landed at the airport.

Adam Copeland vs. Daniel Garcia

For a TNT Title shot and Matt Menard is on commentary. Copeland knocks him into the corner to start but it’s way too early for the Grindhouse. Garcia tries a drop down but gets splashed on the back for two, allowing Copeland to choke away in the ropes. Garcia fights out and stomps on the knees, only to dive into a shoulder breaker.

We take a break and come back with Garcia catching him on top but having the arm snapped down over the rope. Garcia is back up with a dragon screw legwhip and stomps away in the corner, allowing him to snap the leg back again. An STF has Copeland in more trouble but he’s right back out again. Garcia goes up so Copeland pulls him down with a single underhook superplex….and Nick Wayne runs in for the no contest at 12:18.

Result: Adam Copeland vs. Daniel Garcia went to a no contest when Nick Wayne interfered (12:18)

Post match the Patriarchy beats them both down, with Killswitch taking out Menard for daring to try and help. Copeland gets a chair and saves Garcia from a Conchairto…until Shayna Wayne hits Copeland low. The Conchairto crushes Copeland’s head and Garcia finally gets up as the villains leave.

We look back at Hangman Page vs. Swerve Strickland going to a time limit draw last week, setting up a triple threat World Title match at Revolution.

Here is World Champion Samoa Joe for a chat. Joe talks about bringing back the ranking system to make sure he faces the best, but then Page and Swerve went to a draw. Therefore, AEW took a page out of the Texas playbook by making the title match bigger and dumber. Joe promises to hurt one if not both of them, but here is Strickland, with Prince Nana, to interrupt.

Swerve says this wasn’t supposed to be personal but it is getting that way. Joe has said hunger defines the greats, and no one is hotter than Swerve. He has been hoping for a break for years now and today is that day. When the people walk away, all they can say is “whose house” and they’ll do it again when he leaves Revolution with the title.

Cue Page to say Swerve couldn’t beat him last week so it should be Page vs. Joe at Revolution. Page says Swerve doesn’t deserve a second of his time because Swerve couldn’t get it done. Joe isn’t having this and says he’s winning at Revolution.

We see Toni Storm’s new film, which looks at her history with Deonna Purrazzo. Storm let Purrazzo be her young girl but now Purrazzo has forgotten who she is so now she can have the old Toni Storm, if that’s what she wants.

Purrazzo says Storm talks too much and promises to break her arm. B****.

Young Bucks vs. Top Flight

Nick and Dante start things off with the latter working on the arm. Matt comes in and gets ping ponged between the Martins before everything breaks down early on. Top Flight’s dives don’t get to launch but the second attempts connect on the floor. Back in and Matt takes over with a clothesline and we take a break.

We come back with Darius clotheslining his way to freedom and hitting an enziguri, allowing the tag to Dante. Everything breaks down and Top Flight’s stereo sunset flips get stereo near falls. Dante drops both of them and Darius uses his brother to hit a tornado DDT for two on Matt. Nick sends Dante into the barricade though and it’s a low blow to drop Darius. The EVP Trigger is enough to finish Darius at 11:07.

Result: Young Bucks b. Top Flight – EVP Trigger to Darius (11:07)

Post match the Bucks talk to Tony Schiavone, by praising Top Flight and talking about how they are the official #1 contenders. At the same time, they do no like what Tony has been saying about them, so that’s a $1000 fine. Tony gets shoved down and the EVP Trigger is loaded up, only to have Darby Allin make the save with the baseball bat. Allin talks about not being able to get a job while all of the Bucks’ friends got hired, but thankfully there was a sane EVP here, and he isn’t talking about Kenny Omega.

After the required CODY chant, Allin talks about how the Bucks re-signed here because it was easier. Allin brings up the first Dynamite, which didn’t feature him but did feature BRANDON CUTLER? Now it’s about the Tag Team Titles at Revolution in Sting’s final match and the champs have nothing to lose. Apparently that makes the title match official.

The Bang Bang Scissor Gang is ready for a 12 man tag on rampage, though Billy Gunn isn’t happy with his sons taking his lines.

Willow Nightingale vs. Skye Blue

Stokely Hathaway is on commentary. Blue takes her into the corner to start but Nightingale cartwheels her way out of trouble. One heck of a Pounce sends Blue outside and we take a break. Back with Blue getting the better of a strike off but Nightingale crushes her in the corner. A spinebuster connects but Blue kicks her in the face for two. Nightingale sends her to the apron and knocks her down, only to get caught on top back inside. Blue’s powerbomb out of the corner sets up Code Blue, only to have Hathaway offer the distraction. The Babe With The Powerbomb finishes for Nightingale at 8:52.

Result: Willow Nightingale b. Skye Blue – Babe With The Powerbomb (8:52)

Orange Cassidy vs. Matt Taven

Non-title Texas Deathmatch, which means Last Man Standing. Cassidy slugs away to start but Taven hits a dropkick. A powerbomb gives Taven two and they head to the floor. Cassidy beats him over the barricade and we take a break. Back with Taven dropping an elbow off the stage to put Cassidy….not quite through a table.

A suplex puts Cassidy through another table for a near ten so Taven hits a running knee on the ramp. Taven pulls another table out from underneath the ring but a bleeding Cassidy is back up. Taven’s Flight Of The Conqueror only goes through the table for an insane crash. Cassidy pulls out a box of chocolates from Chuck Taylor (again, Valentine’s Day)….and yeah it’s thumbtacks instead.

Cassidy tornado DDT’s the rather bloody Taven onto the tacks but here is Mike Bennett to break something over Cassidy’s head. Cue Trent Beretta with a pipe (out of his own gift box) but Taven sends him into a chair. Cassidy hits the Beach Break onto a chair, with Taven popping up and ripping off the pockets. The Orange Punch connects to finish Taven, despite Roderick Strong running in, at 13:27.

Result: Orange Cassidy b. Matt Taven when Taven could not answer the ten count (13:27)

Jon Moxley b. Dax Harwood – Rear naked choke
Wardlow b. Barrett Brown – Powerbomb
Daniel Garcia vs. Adam Copeland went to a no contest when Nick Wayne interfered
Young Bucks b. top Flight – EVP Trigger to Darius
Willow Nightingale b. Skye Blue – Babe With The Powerbomb
Orange Cassidy b. Matt Taven when Taven couldn’t answer the ten count

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