US Title

  • Surprise Title Change Takes Place At Elimination Chamber

    History has been made! There are a lot of titles in WWE and that opens up a lot of doors. A title is probably the easiest storytelling device in all...

    NewsFebruary 21, 2021
  • Title Change Takes Place On Monday Night Raw

    NewsMay 25, 2020
  • Possible Next US Title Challenger Revealed

    That’s where we’re going. There are a lot of titles in WWE and that is going to be the case no matter what is going on. Champions help make the...

    NewsMay 18, 2020
  • RUMOR: The More Things Change? Another WWE Championship May Be Getting A Fresh Design In The Near Future

    You have to keep up with the times. There are a lot of goals and accomplishments to achieve in wrestling. For a lot of wrestlers, that may be headlining WrestleMania...

    NewsDecember 18, 2019
  • They’re Running Out Of Options. New Title Match Announced For Clash Of Champions.

    This one isn’t really surprising. We’re less than a week away from Clash Of Champions and most of the card is already set. There are still a few things that...

    NewsSeptember 10, 2019
  • It Makes Sense. New Title Match Set For Summerslam.

    Let’s try this again. The United States Title is one of the older titles in WWE and that brings some prestige with it. At the same time, it helps when...

    NewsJuly 29, 2019
  • Breaking: A WWE Championship Will Be Vacated Due To Injury, What Might Be Next For The Title

    NewsMay 27, 2019
  • Breaking: Title Change Takes Place On SmackDown Live

    That came out of nowhere. Last week on SmackDown Live, R-Truth brought back the US Open Challenge, where anyone who wanted one could get a United States Title shot on...

    NewsMarch 5, 2019
  • New Title Match Announced For Extreme Rules

    Better late than never. United States Champion Jeff Hardy isn’t in great shape. As previously mentioned, Hardy is dealing with a variety of injuries and isn’t in the best health...

    NewsJuly 3, 2018
  • Rumor: Major Changes Coming For Jeff Hardy’s Character

    On SmackDown Live this week, Jeff Hardy defended the United States Title against Eric Young of SAnitY. The match ended up being a no contest and eventually became a six-man...

    NewsJune 28, 2018