• All Kinds Of Title Changes Take Place Over The Weekend

    It lived up to the hype. There are a lot of wrestling promotions in the world today and some of them are bigger than others. While WWE and AEW are...

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  • Historic Title Changes Take Place At NXT Takeover 36

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  • Several Title Changes Take Place At WWE Summerslam

    What a night. Summerslam has come and gone and just like every other year, the show was one of the biggest on WWE’s calendar. It was certainly a huge show...

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  • KB’s Review: 27! 11! 16! WOO!

    You (slightly) older fans might remember Rob Van Dam’s theme song from the Forcible Entry CD. The song was called One Of A Kind and the name summed up Van...

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  • Several Title Changes Take Place Over The Weekend

    Three for one. Titles are the easiest concept in all of wrestling as anyone can get it: someone, either a singles wrestler or a tag team, hold a championship and...

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  • KB’s Review: The Gold And Or Silver Secret

    Titles are one of the most important things in a wrestling company. There are all kinds of gold (and silver) floating around almost every wrestling promotion and there always will...

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  • WWE May Be Unveiling New Title Designs Soon

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  • How The Champions Fared At WrestleMania Night One

    We’re halfway there. WrestleMania 36 is going to be one of the most unique shows that wrestling has ever seen. Ignoring the entire crowd situation, it is very rare to...

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  • It’s Already Back? WWE Seems To Have Rescinded A Rule Regarding Championships

    It was nice for awhile. There are a lot of titles in the WWE at the moment and there are only so many wrestlers to win them. WWE certainly likes...

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  • For Those Who Couldn’t Keep Score. Full Recap Of Title Matches From Saturday’s Three Major Wrestling Show.

    It was a busy day. Saturday August 31 was a rather packed wrestling day with three major wrestling shows taking place in three different countries. That meant a lot of...

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