Shelton Benjamin

  • Taken Down Two Pegs: Undertaker Tells Hilarious Story About CM Punk Biting Off More Than He Could Handle

    It’s a different world. There are all kinds of things that go into making a wrestler a success and one of the most important is an athletic background. Wrestlers often...

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  • BREAKING: WWE Releases Nine Wrestlers, Including Former World Champion

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  • Not So Fast? Injury Update After Attack On Monday Night Raw

    He’s fine. There are all kinds of angles that a wrestling promotion can run and the best ones are the kind that look like something out of the ordinary happened...

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  • Who Indeed: 47 Year Old WWE Star Teases Starting Something After Monday Night Raw

    He has an idea. There are all kinds of roles for wrestlers to play in the ring as you can see them doing a variety of things. It can make...

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  • WATCH: WWE Star Celebrates Twentieth Anniversary Of His Debut

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  • VIDEO: WWE Pays Tribute To 47 Year Old Star On 20th Anniversary Of His Debut

    He’s earned it. There is a constant stream of new stars coming into WWE but there is no way of knowing who might be the next breakout star. Back in...

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  • Just Not Quite: WWE Legend On Why Shelton Benjamin Didn’t Become A Main Event Star

    The missing ingredient. There have been a lot of talent in WWE throughout the years but only a small group of them have reached the top of the company by...

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  • WATCH: Mia Yim Claims She Would Request Released If WWE Asked Her To Do This

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