Shawn Spears

  • Double Time: 43 Year Old NXT Star Getting New Backstage Responsibilities

    He’s doing that too. There are all kinds of people who come together to help make a wrestling show work and some of them are working multiple jobs at once....

    NewsApril 19, 2024
  • Got Em: Details On Shawn Spears Returning To NXT, Kept Secret From Roster, More

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  • WATCH: Former AEW/WWE Star Makes Surprise Return To NXT

    Remember him? The rise of AEW has changed the wrestling world as there is now another large scale wrestling promotion where stars can go instead of WWE. The company’s roster...

    NewsFebruary 27, 2024
  • And Out: Longtime AEW Star Announces He Is Leaving Company

    He’s out. AEW has not yet been around for five years but the company has undergone quite a few changes during its history. There have been all kinds of wrestlers...

    NewsDecember 28, 2023
  • WATCH: Former WWE Superstar And Current AEW Wrestler Announce Second Baby On The Way

    They needed a partner. Wrestlers do not often have a lot of time on their hands due to the amount of traveling they have to do for wrestling. This means...

    NewsDecember 25, 2023
  • Call It A Tease? Missing AEW Star Says He Will Be Back And Maybe Soon

    It could be. Last week, AEW debuted its third weekly wrestling series with Collision on Saturday night. This gives the company five hours of television a week, meaning more wrestlers...

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  • Could Be Awhile: Missing AEW Star Addresses Absence From Company

    NewsDecember 28, 2022
  • AEW Star Rips Championship Concept: “This ‘Interim’ Stuff Is Bull****.

    That’s certainly a take. There are all kinds of titles in wrestling today and some of them are among the most prominent in the industry. Sometimes you get a bit...

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  • Former WWE Star Reportedly Retired From In-Ring Competition

    It was a great run? Wrestlers are unlike other athletes as they eventually have to step away from the ring and move on to something else. That can be a...

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  • WATCH: AEW’s Shawn Spears Explains His Absence In Emotional Speech

    That’s a good reason. AEW has a very deep roster with all kinds of stars up and down the ranks. There are several benefits to having that kind of talent...

    NewsOctober 15, 2022