• Major Update On WWE Investigation Into Vince McMahon, Staggering Cost Revealed

    And that’s that. There have been all kinds of wrestling changes taking place throughout the year but nothing has come close to the retirement of Vince McMahon from WWE. McMahon...

    NewsNovember 2, 2022
  • The Big Switch: WWE Announces Significant Step In Vince McMahon Investigation

    NewsAugust 17, 2022
  • Uh Oh: WWE May Be Facing Another Lawsuit Soon

    That’s an important part. WWE has long since taken over the wrestling industry and no other promotion really comes close to what they are doing. That puts them in a...

    NewsJune 21, 2022
  • Vince McMahon Accused Of Affair With And Payment To WWE Employee, Investigation Underway

    This could be big. There is no one in the wrestling world more powerful than Vince McMahon. The owner and Chairman of the Board of WWE, McMahon is able to...

    NewsJune 16, 2022
  • That Isn’t Going To Help The Stock Problem: WWE Being Investigated By Law Firm For Possible Securities Violations

    That isn’t a good sign. WWE is a publicly traded company and that means they are going to have a lot of different things going on than the normal wrestling...

    NewsFebruary 8, 2020
  • More Updates on the Enzo Amore Investigation, Amore Issues a Statement

    It just doesn’t end… Following our previous report, more news has come out on the alleged rape victim Philomena Sheahan and former WWE superstar Enzo Amore has released a statement....

    NewsJanuary 25, 2018