• Ouch: Chris Jericho Injured, To Miss Time (But Not From The Ring)

    You never want to hear that. Wrestlers are finely trained athletes but unfortunately there is no way to guarantee their safety in the ring. At some point someone is going...

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  • Success! Chris Jericho And Company Win Gold In A Rather Different Way

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  • VIDEO: Chris Jericho Out Of The Hospital, Gives Interesting Update

    He’s out. Wrestlers are rather different than the majority of the fans who watch them, but there are quite a few similarities as well. Just like the fans, wrestlers have...

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  • Chris Jericho Taking Some Time Away From AEW TV Due To Fozzy Tour

    Back in a bit. There are a lot of stars on the AEW roster but some of them are bigger than others. The company has its share of legends who...

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  • Will Chris Jericho be at “Wrestlemania XXXIV”?

    See you next year? Chris Jericho has been one of the bright spots of the last year and a half in WWE as he reached a new level of amazing...

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  • Details on Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager at Sea Cruise

    It is official! Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager at sea is happening! Will you make the list? There is a plethora of talent from around the world already scheduled...

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  • Chris Jericho on Vince McMahon, His Band, Projects

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  • When Could Chris Jericho Be Leaving WWE?

    RumorsDecember 7, 2016
  • Chris Jericho’s Current WWE Run May Not End Until 2017

    The “Gift of Jericho” era of Y2J has been one of the best runs he’s ever had in WWE. Chris Jericho has been back since January and had such a...

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  • Chris Jericho Talks Retirement and Possibility of Final Match

    Y2J has been transitioning between music and wrestling for several years now. Fozzy has been his main focus for many years now, but he’s been wrestling very consistenty at WWE...

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