• Florida Governor Changes Coronavirus Policy, How Wrestling Could Be Affected

    The more things change. The biggest story in the world over the course of the summer has been the Coronavirus, which has certainly been the case in the wrestling industry....

    NewsSeptember 26, 2020
  • WWE’s Florida Coronavirus Backup Plan

    NewsAugust 1, 2020
  • New State Coronavirus Rule Complicates WWE’s Situation

    That’s going to be even trickier. Things have been all over the place in the wrestling world over the last few months with the Coronavirus changing everything throughout the industry....

    NewsJune 26, 2020
  • New Coronavirus Plan Allows 50% Fan Attendance For Wrestling

    We’ve got a plan! There are a lot of questions to be answered about the wrestling world in the time of the Coronavirus. With so many things going on at...

    NewsJune 4, 2020
  • Fans Possibly Allowed At WWE And AEW Events Soon

    WWE will be happy. We are in a weird time in the world as it isn’t clear when anything will be back to normal. That is the kind of thing...

    NewsMay 1, 2020
  • Update On Other Wrestling Promotions Running Florida Events

    So they’re a no. Earlier this week, news broke that WWE was designated as an essential business in the state of Florida, allowing it to continue running shows. The justification...

    NewsApril 15, 2020
  • Florida Police Investigated Monday Night Raw, Nearly Stopped Recent Shows

    NewsApril 15, 2020
  • WWE Declared Essential Business In Florida With Big Implications

    So that’s how they’re doing it. One of the biggest stories of the last week has been WWE deciding to run live shows every week going forward despite the Coronavirus....

    NewsApril 13, 2020
  • UPDATE: Upcoming ‘AEW Dynamite’ Still Scheduled in Jacksonville — Possible Coronavirus Case Recently Discovered

    Yesterday, All Elite Wrestling posted a tweet that their upcoming AEW Dynamite show in Rochester, New York will be moved to Jacksonville, Florida due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) scare. The website states,...

    NewsMarch 13, 2020
  • Early News On WrestleMania 36 Location

    They’re not wasting any time. About seven months ago, WWE presented WrestleMania 34 from New Orleans. Around that same time, New York/New Jersey was announced as the location for WrestleMania...

    NewsNovember 15, 2018