• They Can Get Along: Backstage WWE And AEW Reactions To Adam Copeland’s AEW Debut

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  • WATCH: Edge Makes Surprise AEW Debut, Reignites Old Feud

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  • Open Invitation: Major Update On Edge’s WWE Contract Status, AEW Debut Possible

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  • The Gap: Reported Reason On Edge And WWE Not Coming To A New Deal So Far

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  • Moving On: Edge Now Given Special Status On WWE’s Internal Roster

    On the inside. Retirement is a complicated situation for wrestlers, as many of them have trouble finally hanging up their boots. It might seem like one of the easiest decisions...

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  • Over There? Why Some In WWE Believe Edge Could Be AEW Bound

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  • Heading Out? Edge Reveals Important Detail About His Match On SmackDown

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  • Farewell? Report Suggests That Edge Is Wrestling His Retirement Match This Week

    Final? Retirement has long since been a complicated issue in wrestling, as you can see wrestlers say they are done and then come back later on. That can make for...

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  • Never Before: Special First Time Ever Match Set For Next Week’s SmackDown

    That’s a new one. There have been all kinds of wrestlers throughout WWE’s history and only a few of them reach the top of the ladder. Those are the names...

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