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  • KB’s Review: A Giant Weasel Is A Bad Idea

    It’s another week with another Monday Night Raw that fans seemed to reject up and down the card. The show just is not good right now with the show feeling...

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  • KB’s Review: Tea and Crumpets, Bagels, and Other Baked Commentary Goods

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  • KB’s Review: He Was No Ham and Egger

    There’s no easy way to start these things off. Over the weekend, the wrestling world lost one of the most entertaining performers it has ever seen. This Sunday, Bobby the...

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  • Main Event Results – November 22, 2016

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  • Bobby Heenan's Twitter Account is Fake

    Bobby Heenan’s Twitter Account is Fake

    It would appear that someone posing as “The Brain” outsmarted us all. Recently, it had seemed that legendary WWE performer, manager, and commentator Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and his wife,...

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  • Wrestlemania III: The Biggest Match in the History of Professional Wrestling

    And the entire sport summed up in a single shot.

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  • Wrestlemania I: I Think They’re On To Something

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  • Jim Ross Named "Greatest Wrestling Announcer of All-Time"

    Jim Ross Named “Greatest Wrestling Announcer of All-Time”

    Jim Ross Named “Greatest Wrestling Announcer of All-Time” WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has been named the “Greatest Wrestling Announcer of All-Time” by PileDriverPress and The popular sports...

    NewsMay 18, 2015
  • Jim Ross Talks Vince McMahon’s Announcing Instructions, Bobby Heenan, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

    Jim Ross chatted recently with The Big Lead about various topics related to his Fox Sports 1 debut and wrestling. Below are some of the highlights. On getting instructions not to...

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  • Wrestlemania Count-Up – Wrestlemania III: The Biggest Match Ever On The Biggest Show Ever

    And one of the best ever as well.

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