• Yes Now: WWE Makes Last Minute Change To WrestleMania 40 Match

    That was fast. We are less than a day away from WrestleMania 40 and in theory that would mean WWE isn’t going to change anything at the last minute. The...

    NewsApril 6, 2024
  • WATCH: WWE Star Not Medically Cleared, Pulled From Monday Night Raw Match, Replacement Named

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  • He’s In: Update On WWE’s Plans For Andrade

    That’s a plan. There are all kinds of people on the WWE rsoter and it can be difficult to come up with something for everyone involved. One of the trickier...

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  • He’s In: Returning WWE Superstar Officially Signs With Monday Night Raw

    He’s in. There are all kinds of talented wrestlers on the WWE roster and it is difficult to find a place for all of them. It can take time and...

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  • VIDEO: Andrade Suplexes Ric Flair Into A Pool

    I guess it’s a family tradition? There are several famous wrestling families throughout history, many of whom have had all kinds of prominent members. You can probably list off several...

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  • VIDEO: Former WWE Star Officially Challenges Kenny Omega

    It might be interesting. The WWE releases from April are still falling out as the question now becomes where these wrestlers are going to go next. They are still under...

    AAAMay 2, 2021
  • Released WWE Star Set For Huge Independent Match

    NewsApril 29, 2021
  • RUMOR: Charlotte Missed WrestleMania Due To Andrade

    I would hope there is more to it. We are less than two weeks removed from WrestleMania 37 and that means it is time to start looking back at the...

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  • Possible Future Plans For Recently Released WWE Stars

    There is a next step. WWE is the biggest and most powerful wrestling promotion in the world but sometimes someone does not fit in all that well around there. Every...

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  • Andrade Was Ready To Be Part Of A Big Story Before WWE Release

    That’s a different way to go. Every now and then, WWE presents an angle that seems like it could be interesting and then has to drop it for one reason...

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