On SmackDown Live this week, The Ravishing Russian defeated Billie Kay to qualify for the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match at the upcoming PPV. Some people aren’t thrilled with Lana winning after only two moves, but there are some bigger questions.

The WWE Universe knows that she’s training to improve her in-ring work, but a ladder match is a lot to handle even for the most experienced wrestlers. With Lana’s lack of in-ring experience, a lot of people are wondering why she has secured a spot in the match.

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According to a new report from RingSideNews, the push she’s receiving has to do with the success of “Rusev Day.” The Ravishing Russian has always been over with the WWE Universe. Her association with Rusev will easily transfer onto her despite little time on television. Aiden English acting as a valet for her also gives the fans a reason to cheer.

It’s unlikely she will actually win the briefcase at Money in the Bank. However, having her on WWE television gives the audience another babyface to support in the Women’s Ladder Match. The match will give her more experience and may lead to another feud.

Have you ever heard The Ravishing Russian without her accent:

Hear Lana speak without her Russian accent

SmackDown Live is full of heels and Lana could feud with The Iconics, Absolution, and even Carmella if WWE officials like what they see at Money in the Bank. “Rusev Day” is her husband’s creation, but it could be The Ravishing Russian who benefits from it the most. A Ladder Match will be a challenge for her, but it’s ultimately an opportunity for Lana to show the powers that be and the audience that she can hang in the division.

Does Lana deserve to have more matches and opportunities on SmackDown Live?


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