Following the ‘Ultimate Deletion‘ on ‘Raw‘ earlier this week, ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy was a guest on TMZ Sports, where he spoke with the staff and special guest Mick Foley on the reaction he received for the segment and what Vince McMahon thought of it.

Hardy was first asked about introducing the WWE Universe to the ‘Ultimate Deletion’ and how he believes it all went. In typical ‘Woken’ fashion, Hardy was quick to explain in his own electric tone of voice that it was fantastic.

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley would then make an appearance, apologizing for incorrectly naming the event in his hashtag on social media as he was caught up watching it. Foley says he stands by what he said, which is that he felt it was fantastic.

Hardy accepted that, acknowledging that he could see Foley getting caught up in the moment and incorrectly placing the hashtag. The two spoke about McMahon having one of two opinions- he’d either absolutely hate it and someone would likely end up being fired or he loved it and thought it was one of the best segments in WWE, with no in between.

Hardy explained that, while he isn’t sure what McMahon thought of the ‘Ultimate Deletion,’ he has now introduced his family to the WWE Universe and Senor Benjamin would happily dig another hole so Hardy can DELETE McMahon if desired by the WWE Universe.

Check out what Hardy had to say himself:

WWE's Matt Hardy: I Will DELETE Vince McMahon If He Didn't Like My 'Ultimate Deletion' | TMZ Sports

Did you like the ‘Ultimate Deletion?’ Did you like Hardy’s responses in this?

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