Following the devastating impact of Hurricane Irma, Triple H thanked the Orlando crowd at the NXT tapings last night for braving through the massive event. This video would be uploaded to the official WWE YouTube channel.

Over the past month or so, the United States and other places around the world have been bombarded with natural disasters. The most prominent of these have been Hurricane Harvey and most recently, Hurricane Irma.

Last night at the tapings for the upcoming month of NXT episodes, Triple H made his way out to the entrance area to thank everyone in attendance and those watching from the YouTube channel for braving through everything and still being there.

If you are interested in the massive list of NXT spoilers for the coming month following said tapings, you can find the information here.

We highly suggest watching this short, yet powerful video with a message about the well-being of the WWE Universe. It shows that the company and Triple H himself care about their audience and the safety of everyone in attendance.

Triple H thanks the NXT Universe in Orlando for braving the aftermath of Hurricane Irma

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