Triple H was recently interviewed by Planeta Wrestling, where he dove deeper into the idea of expanding NXT throughout the world in other markets. This was obviously something he had teased through the ‘global localization’ trademark WWE recently filed.

Triple H first explained his vision to have WWE hold big events all around the world, stemming from their success with The Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia recently:

“I think anything is possible and what you [saw] in Saudi Arabia is an example of what we can do. We have done it in the past and had been here [Saudi Arabia] before for a two-day event. WWE is somewhere around the world at all times. WWE International flavor will be new. We are just coming back from a successful tour of Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town all in South Africa, to coming back straight from there and to go to Raw and SmackDown, and then coming straight to Saudi Arabia to step in the ring at ‘The Greatest Royal Rumble,’ and then a short period of time later go to Canada, and then leave Canada and then go do the UK and be there touring for several weeks straight touring, and NXT will be down in the UK. The global entity of what we do has never been in more areas than it has been in now. Not many companies can say that they are truly a global-branded company, but we are as big, if not bigger in India than we are in South America and as big as we are in other places. All around the world, there is a fanbase for WWE and our goal is to entertain them every way possible.”

Triple H also explained his desire to expand NXT and make it a global brand:

“Those are our goals over time. Whether that would be in the Middle East, or India, or South America or Latin America, it all comes down to timing, they all take time and partnerships. They take significant business dealings. It is all in the process. Would I love for NXT to be this global, international brand in all the markets that I mentioned? Absolutely! It is all going to take time.”

With H/T to WrestlingInc for the transcription.

The video below features the interview between Triple H and Planeta Wrestling, for all those of you who are interested:

Entrevista a Triple H en el WWE Greatest Royal Rumble

Which markets around the world would you like to see NXT in? How should they go about doing this, in your opinion?

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