Former WWE superstar Eva Marie spoke with ESPN W on her fast call-up to the company’s main roster, The Rock and life after WWE.

Marie first spoke about getting called up after only just two weeks of formal training.

“I’m a perfectionist, so I would have liked to have trained more first. However, I truly think opportunities come up once in a lifetime and if you don’t take it, you’re going to miss out.”

The former ‘Smackdown Live’ superstar spoke about her feelings towards The Rock and wanting to emulate his career.

“I love talking to The Rock. He’s done the transition from WWE to the mainstream so well. He always tells me to stay my lane, not to compare myself to other people and just do the work. He’s been fantastic and I’m really fortunate to have that relationship with him. … It would be great to emulate his career, but we’ll see what happens.”

Finally, Marie went into detail about her life after WWE and what she wants to do with herself moving forward.

“I want it all. I really want to expand with movies and I would love to land on a TV show, like a Netflix original series, that would be fantastic. I want to do a lot of charity work — I’m a person that’s in recovery [from an alcohol addiction] so I really want to put out that message as well. There’s a lot that I want to do, the sky is the limit. I want to dabble in everything. I wish I did have time to relax, but I’m a Virgo and it’s just not in me. I think the hustle is just in my blood — always hungry, never satisfied.”

If you needed a reminder of who Marie is exactly, maybe the video below will give you a hint in the right direction.

Eva Marie Makes Everything Hot

Would you ever like to see Marie come back to WWE? Do you miss her in the company?

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