Former WWE Universal Champion Goldberg was the latest guest on Heated Conversations: Hosted By Booker T where he spoke about his ‘WrestleMania 33’ match against Brock Lesnar and Vince McMahon changing.

Goldberg first explained how he felt physically limited whilst he was on his most recent WWE run, beginning at ‘Survivor Series‘ in 2016 and culminating at ‘WrestleMania 33‘ in 2017.

“It was surreal, man. I was far removed from the 290 lbs., traps popping out of my ears, and deltoids as big as 20 lbs. bowling balls. My adrenaline was there, everything was there, the honor couldn’t be any bigger, the responsibility was huge, the pressure was huge, but I would have liked to have been Godzilla doing it like I used to be and I would’ve liked to have been given an opportunity to maybe [gorilla] press a could of dudes and do some of the moves I used to do back in the day.”

Goldberg explains that he wished he could’ve given the WWE Universe a better glimpse into what he could do- but wasn’t able to due to the story the company wanted to be told.

“I was limited with my repertoire because of everything, because of storyline or whatever it may be, but I would’ve liked to have given more because of the Goldberg two move crap. I’m sick of hearing it!”

Joking around, Goldberg listed several nasty bruises he received during his ‘WrestleMania’ match against Lesnar.

“Well, being older, how did I feel after? I think my groin turned black. The back of my right quad turned black. The back of my quad, excuse me. The back of my right leg turned black, I think, two weeks after ‘Mania. It didn’t happen till then! My body was in shock, I think! But I’ll be honest with [Booker], man. I’ll be honest. I was ready to go that night and I could’ve gone. I mean, whatever.”

Despite not being in the shape he once was, Goldberg is positive he could’ve gone on longer in the ‘WrestleMania’ match.

“I was waiting for Brock to hit me with 10 more suplexes. I was amped. I was ready to go. If there was ever a match or a time that I realized a good formula, it was that night because I was relaxed!”

Finally, Goldberg explained how he was fortunate to have a second opportunity with WWE and why he feels WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon is a changed man.

“I’ll tell you what, I had a great time, man! All things considered, it was an unbelievable opportunity. I wish I could have done this, I wish I could have done that, but taking everything into note, man, I’m one of the luckiest dudes in the world to get to come back and get that opportunity to rectify a lot of the things that had happened before and I couldn’t do it by myself! I mean, Vince was a completely different person, at least to me. Our relationship is completely different, man.”

With H/T to William Windsor of WrestlingInc for the transcription.

You can find the full match between Lesnar and Goldberg from their first match since Goldberg’s return at ‘Survivor Series’ 2016 below.

FULL MATCH - Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar - Mega Match: Survivor Series 2016 (WWE Network Exclusive)

Would you like to see Goldberg come back? Who should he work with if he returns to the company?

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