Fans are furious with WWE after the company revealed the Fabulous Moolah Battle Royal for ‘WrestleMania 34′,’ given the WWE and NWA Hall of Famer’s controversial nature.

The match is expected to feature performers from ‘Raw,’ ‘Smackdown Live‘ and NXT with the winner being awarded a trophy similar to that of the Andre The Giant trophy winners of that Battle Royal receive.

The backlash among fans over social media caused the story to break out in mainstream media, with Forbes picking up the story and multiple petitions surfacing and this is within reason.

While WWE and other companies love to highlight what Moolah did to benefit the industry, there is a lot of information available to suggest the former Champion was a person of questionable character.

You can find a Reddit thread here which goes into much more detail, but to summarize everything, Moolah was known as a borderline pimp, teaching other wrestlers in such a way that they couldn’t outshine her, is said to be the reason why there is no longer a Women’s Tag Team Championship and was part of the original screwjob to steal the Championship from Wendi Richter.

Here is what former women’s wrestler Penny Banner had to say on Moolah:

“It’s wrong to speak bad of the dead, but the comments in the mainstream press and even AP wires come dangerously close to making Moolah seem like some kind of saint, and from a pro-wrestling point of view as some kind of legendary tough shooter. That’s utter bull????. I want to clear up a couple of points while taking nothing away from Moolah’s ability to have a stranglehold on women’s wrestling from mid ’60s to mid ’80s in North America.

“Let’s get this out of way first, so I don’t have to dance around the subject – Moolah was a pimp. From her sprawling 42 acre estate in Colombia, South Carolina, Moolah would send out her half-trained underage female-wrestlers to “photo shoots” that would by the standards of today be considered pedophilia and pornography. She sent trainees to wrestling promoters in set numbers. Renting them out to promoters in bulk, with the understanding that the girls would have sex with the promoter and all the wrestlers on the roster who wanted them. Promoters liked free sex, but what they also liked is for boys not to go outside looking for it and possibly running into trouble. Sex on a road with a steady and pliant group of semi-attractive women in return for money, that is what Moolah offered. The women that were sent out on this tours were not told of this “arrangement” ahead of time. They found out about it on the road. Those that refused to have sex with promoters and wrestlers, were raped. (see: Luna Vachon’s, Sherri Martel’s, and Susie McCoy’s shoot interviews). The reason women’s pro-wrestling in North America was and still in large part today considered a joke and just an opportunity to oggle at tits and asses is largely in part thanks to the way Moolah trained her girls and how Moolah wrestled. Moolah was not a good worker. Her wrestling style considered of hair pulling snapmare, headlocks, clotheslines and nothing else. Those that argue that women’s wrestling was always like that and Moolah did nothing to change it are ignorant. In the ’30s and ’40s, female wrestling employed shooters and they wrestled in the traditional sense of the term. Tits and asses were used to advertise and get them in the building, but the girls worked longer and more technically sound matches than today. The champion was always a shooter, and the matches for the championship and leading up to the main event had to be high caliber. The reason Japanese women’s wrestling was light years ahead of North American’s is because of one person and one person only – Moolah. Mildred Burke, the original women’s champion, popularized female wrestling in the world in the ’30s. Japan, Canada, Mexico, and America can trace women’s wrestling directly to her. She used a hard-hitting style and outside of being an attractive woman, her matches were no different from the men’s matches of her day. Moolah was inspired by Burke, but could not work as well as her. Moolah was not a good worker and so the style she passed onto her trainees once she took over women’s pro-wrestling in North America was Moolah-based. Moolah was never a shooter.”

Check out the announcement here:

The Fabulous Moolah Battle Royal to debut at WrestleMania 34

At this time, WWE have not confirmed any changes. However, if fans are passionate enough to fight this naming, WWE may have no choice but to change it for the sake of less negative publicity.

What are your personal thoughts on this Battle Royal? What should it be called instead?

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