• Monday Night Raw Audience Craters To Near All Time Low

    It has to stop eventually. We are in a weird place in the wrestling world at the moment and it is not clear when things are going to get better....

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  • It Can’t Get Worse? This Week’s Monday Night Raw Did Something Never Before Done In The Show’s History

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  • For The First Time Ever! AEW Dynamite Did Something This Week That It Has Never Done Before

    It didn’t take that long. It feels a lot longer but Dynamite has only aired eight episodes, with the eighth coming earlier this week. As impressive as it (and the...

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  • Let The Comparisons Begin. SmackDown On FOX’s Ratings And Audience Numbers Do Very Well.

    I’d call that a hit. On Friday night, WWE presented its first episode of SmackDown on FOX, which was quite possibly the biggest opportunity that the company has ever had....

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  • I Guess This Counts. WWE’s Ratings May Be Jumping Up Soon.

    That’s one way to grow the audience. It is no secret that WWE’s ratings have been steadily dropping in recent years, with tens of thousands of viewers leaving almost every...

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  • That’s Certainly An Issue. Here Is What WWE Fears The Most About AEW.

    It’s a good reason to worry. Over the last few months, the rise of AEW has shaken up the wrestling world in a positive way. All of a sudden there...

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  • It’s A Numbers Game. How Big Was The Live Crowd For Super ShowDown?

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  • SmackDown Live Ratings And Viewership – May 22, 2018

    And down they go again. The Money in the Bank season hasn’t been kind to the WWE’s ratings and viewership numbers. No matter how you look at it, the fans...

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  • Impact Wrestling Ratings And Viewership – May 17, 2018

    It gets a little better. Impact Wrestling is in a weird place as they have several stories coming together at the same time. The problem is the fans might not...

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  • SmackDown Live Ratings And Audience – May 16, 2018

    Just like Monday Night Raw. To say that WWE hasn’t been doing so well in the television ratings since Backlash would be an understatement. Last week’s Monday Night Raw and...

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