Diamond Dallas Page made a thunderous return to the ring in the 2015 Royal Rumble match in January. Page, despite bordering 60 years old, received an enormous ovation from the Philadelphia crowd, and hit “Diamond Cutter” after “Diamond Cutter” on those in the ring.

But the former WCW Heavyweight Champion has made a living off changing lives with his revolutionary DDP Yoga practice, and is now ready to take it to another level.

According to PWInsider, Page is set to open a $2 million facility in Atlanta, Georgia, which will be the official home of the DDP Yoga brand.

The building is described as a “performance center” of sorts for Page and his program. It will feature classes and weekly open houses for people to see how they can get involved with the program. Page, alongside former fellow WWE-alum Stevie Richards, will work full-time at the building.

The two will reportedly offer online training and workout classes as well from the building. It will feature a production and editing facility, where nutritional and cooking shows will also be filmed.

Work is already underway, and the building is set to be complete in April.

Editor’s Note

How awesome is that? DDP changing lives. And that’s not a bad thing…that’s a good thing.


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