Before I get into this, let me properly introduce myself. My name is Liam Gabriel, and I have been writing for the site for about three months now, and I am happily introducing a new blog here to the site titled Gabe’s Gab. This blog will cover various topics that I think could have been improved from its original form, or how I will do something in the future. So with the first ever Gabe’s Gab, I will discuss how I think WWE should have booked the Ascension.

First things first, lose the face paint and shoulder pads and go back to The Ascension that we saw destroy “NXT.” Secondly, I would have called them up a month or two sooner than WWE did, because the tag division was basically The Usos, along with Miz and Mizdow at the time. The first problem The Ascension had, was that when they debuted, Cesaro/Kidd were forming, and all eyes were on them.

So after I call them up a month or two earlier, I have them go out there and beat some local talent, and I have JBL talk bad about them for a few weeks. After a few weeks pass, have The Ascension attack JBL. After that, JBL challenges them to a match at “Survivor Series” against the APA. They accept and easily defeat APA. Then have JBL give them a rub of how destructive they actually are. After defeating the APA, have them destroy the lower parts of the tag division. For example, beat New Day in five minutes at “TLC” (this is back when the New Day were Babyfaces), then destroy Los Matadores again in under five minutes at “Royal Rumble.”

Then have them in a number one contenders match at Fast Lane, in which they defeat The Usos to become number one contenders at WrestleMania (Usos lose tag titles at “Royal Rumble” to Cesaro/Kidd). At “WrestleMania,” I would have The Ascension defeat Cesaro/Kidd to become tag champs. The next night on Raw have them defend their titles against Cesaro/Kidd again and win by having Cesaro bail on Kidd mid match, setting up a feud between them, resulting in The Ascension retaining. That same night, have the Lucha Dragons debut on “Raw”. Then, while having the Ascension defend against the Prime Time Players at Extreme Rules, have the Lucha Dragons become number one contenders for “Payback,” where Lucha Dragons win by DQ. Then they are sent to the back of the line while The Ascension defend their titles against The Usos at “Money in the Bank,” and then retain against New Day at “Battleground.” The following night, have The Lucha Dragons become number one contenders for Summerslam. Finally at “Summerslam,” finally have The Ascension be pinned for the first time by the Lucha Dragons where they lose their titles.

I hope you all enjoyed the first ever Gabe’s Gab Blog, thank you for reading and let me know what other topics you would like me to cover by tweeting me @CorrupedOreo1