TNA Offers “Official Statement” Regarding Controversial Storyline Featuring James Storm and Mickie James

TNA began a controversial storyline with “Cowboy” James Storm and Mickie James during the June 3 edition of “IMPACT WRESTLING.” The angle, which saw Storm knock James off a ledge and onto some train tracks below him, received a lot of negative response after it aired on television, including a critical exposé from WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross.

Ross posted the following response on his official website, following the episode, saying,

“I’m a big fan of both Mickie James, who was on our talent roster when I was in WWE, and James Storm whose work I’ve always enjoyed a great deal but the creative that they were provided Wednesday night regarding the train was undesirable and completely unrealistic and had me feeling embarrassed for two, very good talents. I do like the direction of Storm becoming a deranged character with scary tenacities but the train business did that few favors.”

TNA published the following statement, in full kayfabe (storyline) mode, on,

“On Impact this past week Mickie James thought she was coming to Nashville to meet with Country Music Executives, to further her already amazing music career. The “meetings” were set up by Mickie’s friend, the leader of The Revolution, James Storm and all seemed to be on the up and up.

That is until Mickie James got to Nashville, Storm was there to greet her and told Mickie the real reason he invited her to Music City, USA and it had nothing to do with music. Storm revealed he wanted Mickie to Join The Revolution, to which Mickie was not only taken aback, but wanted nothing to do with joining The Revolution.

Then Storm walked Mickie James to the train station and that is where Storm, for whatever his reasons are, knocked Mickie James onto the tracks. While Storm’s actions are despicable and borderline criminal, we have reached out to Mickie James and have not yet gotten comment. We also reached out to security at The Nashville Star Train Station who were first on the scene after James Storm left and they were able to tell us that Mickie briefly blacked out and showed symptoms of a concussion. Mickie was tested and passed all concussion field tests. Mickie was emotionally disturbed following the events.

We will do our best to keep everyone up to date and we wish Mickie a very speedy recovery. We will be following up with Mickie James to see if she plans on filing criminal charges with Nashville PD.”

You can watch the “incident” that took place on “IMPACT WRESTLING” below.

Editor’s Note:

I mean…the angle, removed from the Attitude Era, seems a little much. As to the hubbub about it, if this WAS 1998, would people be reacting so negatively towards it? Terri Runnels fell off the ring apron while “pregnant.” While I remember it bringing controversy to WWE’s product…it also brought eyes to it as well. I’m not condoning an angle like this, at all, as I think an “attempt at murder” angle on wrestling television in 2015, especially when it’s a man that tried to kill (or several disable) a woman, is bad taste. Just thinking out loud.


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