“The Beast” is one again the main attraction in the MMA world.


According to a report from ESPN, Jon Jones, who is the interim UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, has been pulled from his title unification bout against Daniel Cormier at UFC 200, this Saturday, July 9. Jeff Novitzky, UFC’s vice president of athlete health and performance, said that Jones tested positive for a banned substance in an out-of-competition sample, which was taken on June 16.

Dana White, President of UFC, announced that the much anticipated fight between Brock Lesnar and Mark Hunt will now headline the upcoming event.

Cormier would love the opportunity to fight on Saturday, but finding a worthy opponent will be difficult on such short notice.

“When you have the biggest, baddest fight card ever assembled, you know, it doesn’t sting as bad when you lose a fight,” White said. “But it stings real bad for Daniel Cormier. This is devastating to him, his family, and I’d like for him to fight another guy.”

Although Jones has never tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs, he did test positive for traces of cocaine before a fight against Cormier in January 2015.

You can find the entire ESPN article at this link.

Editor’s Note:

While unfortunate for most UFC fans and competitors, Vince McMahon is most likely doing a huge happy dance right now. One of the biggest draws in the company, Lesnar has the opportunity to headline a milestone in the MMA world. If he wins, McMahon can use this to draw incredible amounts of attention and notoriety to WWE.



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