A new report from PWInsider.com has provided further details on Tyson Kidd’s injury. As previously reported, Kidd suffered a neck/spinal cord injury during his “Superstars” match with Samoa Joe on June 1 prior to “Monday Night Raw.

PWInsider.com claims that WWE is still having Kidd evaluated with medical tests, and this may be why the company has yet to make an official announcement regarding his situation. As previously reported, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter claims that WWE is more than likely keeping the extent of the injury private for a reason.

PWInsider.com claims that the belief backstage is that the injury was caused by a freak accident in the ring, and was not something that could have been prevented. No blame is being put on Samoa Joe at this time.

According to fan reports, Kidd was in apparent pain during the closing of the match, so much so that the official threw up the dreaded “x” sign to bring out medics. Cesaro also joined the team in assisting his tag team partner to the back.

Meltzer claims that Kidd suffered some sort of spinal cord injury. He also goes into detail about why no news or statement regarding the injury has been released from WWE. He writes,

“Kidd was injured in the match. According to one WWE performer, he suffered a spinal cord injury. He was receiving medical attention after the match was over. WWE’s new policy seems to be to attempt to keep all injuries secretive, so there are no official details at press time and it appears to be another injury that nobody is supposed to talk about.

Kidd & Cesaro were removed from being booked at the tapings the next night although both were in Houston. The only thing I know is that Kidd expects to be able to make a full recovery from the injury, and he is hoping to be able to avoid surgery. Because of that, we don’t know of any timetable.”

KiddSaro, as we affectionately call the duo, are slated to face off against The New Day for the WWE Tag Team Championship on July 4 during a Live Event taking place in Japan, which will air at 6:30 a.m. EST on the WWE Network. Outside of this date, the #BTE (Best Team Ever) have been removed from all further dates.

Editor’s Note:

This has to be scary for them, not really knowing what the full extent of the injury is just yet. WrestlingRumors.net continues to wish Kidd a full and speedy recovery.


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