That’s what friends are for. Tonight’s episode of Smackdown emulated from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which Pat McAfee was fired up about. However, he was also excited about getting to do something special and hilarious for his friend and broadcast colleague, Michael Cole.

During a commercial break, McAfee got on a table and shared with the crowd how excited he was to be in the great state of Wisconsin. He then proceeded to let everybody know that it was Cole’s birthday and got the whole crowd to serenade him in a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday! You can see the video on McAfee’s Twitter account below:

The funny thing about this is that it is NOT Cole’s Birthday! According to Wikipedia, Cole was born on December 8, 1968, which makes this even more hilarious.


Editor’s Opinion:

I absolutely love stuff like this. It’s incredibly obvious that McAfee and Cole have incredible chemistry together and make SmackDown an even better show than it already is. This is a wonderful way to keep the crowd entertained during commercial breaks and continues to show just how entertaining McAfee really is!

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