“Smackdown Live” just became a little less spirited.

Spirit Squad members Kenny and Mikey, both had their profiles removed from the main page of the “Smackdown Live” roster. They have since been moved to the alumni section of WWE.com.

Kenny and Mikey made their return to WWE programming in October of 2016. They came back to assist The Miz in his feud with Dolph Ziggler, but were unable to keep the “A-Lister” from losing his Intercontinental Championship to the “Show Off.”

They were used through the middle of November, when they were removed from TV with no explanation. Since then, they have returned to the independent circuit, where they currently work.

Ziggler was a member of the first iteration of the Spirit Squad when they debuted in 2006. He, along with Kenny, Mikey and two other members: Johnny and Mitch, spent most of their time in the company feuding with Triple H and Shawn Michaels of Degeneration-X.

Editor’s Note:

They were still with the company? Oh. I honestly had no idea.

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