The Undertaker recently spoke on his show “Six Feet Under With Mark Calaway” about Cody Rhodes. He discussed several topics, including his experience as WWE Champion, possible future storylines, a heel turn, and more.

Below are some highlights from the conversation:

Undertaker on Cody as WWE Champion:

“He immediately becomes the face of the company. He is now the one that’s doing the late night shows. He’s the one that is the spokesman. I mean, life changes considerably and he was already doing quite a bit of that kind of stuff as it was, but now his calendar definitely gets a lot fuller. I think knowing him and his connection with his audience, he’s going to work a lot because he wants to.”

Undertaker on future Cody storylines:

“He’ll probably have four major storylines, I would guess. Somewhere in that neighborhood. It just depends. You never know how something’s gonna take off. A lot of times you’ll go in a direction and then you’ll make a quick left turn, only to get right back to where you were before, but I think he’ll be busy. There’s so many people that make sense for him to work with.”

“You got Seth. I mean, that would be one of the first things, I would think. You’re going to have Gunther. He lost the Intercontinental belt, but that’s the sign right there. It’s time to move up a level. They had to get that off of him so it puts him in a different situation. Randy’s still sitting there. I mean, there’s a whole list. Roman I think is probably going to take a little bit of time off,I would guess. That run that he had is really incredible. I think he’s going to take some time off, and then no telling where that goes. From what I understand, Brock is not completely out of the picture. There’s some hurdles he’s got ahead of him to get to 41. It’ll be interesting to see his journey.”

Undertake on a Cody Rhodes heel turn:

“I don’t know that he would switch as a champion, but I don’t know what the approach would be there. I think he would be a good heel. He gives me heel vibes. I could see him very easily being smug and better than that. Don’t get carried away. That’ all a work, but I can see it. I feel it in his character.”

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