Last night at WrestleMania, Roman Reigns overcame the odds of The Authority and captured the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the main event. This marks the beginning of Reign’s second reign (no pun intended) with the company’s top prize.

In many people’s eyes, this was completely predictable. Reigns has been pushed down everyone’s throats for the past couple of years, and it is very apparent that WWE wants him to be one of the company men going forward. However, the WWE Universe has not reacted kindly to him, and he tends to be booed way more than he is cheered in all of the “smart” wrestling cities that he appears in.

I was at “The Greatest Event in Sports Entertainment” last night, and the chorus of boos that he received anytime his picture was shown was somewhat stunning. When he finally did make his entrance, the negative reaction that he received was unlike anything I had heard at a live event before.

That was, until the referee counted the 3-count, and Reigns became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

The hatred that was sent Reigns’ way was absolutely deafening. Almost all of the adult fans that were around me were cussing up a storm (which was not cool because there were several children nearby), and the majority of the audience left the arena incredibly upset about the finish of the show.

Roman Reigns by far received the strongest reaction of anybody that is actively on the main roster.

And for that reason alone, he deserved to be in the main event, and he deserves to be the champion.

Let’s get to the facts. Reigns is a good wrestler. He has a good look, a decent move set, and works very well in the ring. Also, when given the opportunity to say what he wants, he can cut quick, to-the-point, bad ass promos. Take this one with Stephanie a couple of weeks ago, which was gold, in my opinion, and is exactly what his character needs to do:

All that said, let’s get to some more facts. I talked with several fans this weekend who hate Roman Reigns, and they told me that if he walked out with the title, that they would stop watching the product. I find it very hard to believe that the people who would pay to go to WrestleMania, would stop tuning in if they didn’t observe their desired result.

The fans were just being fans, which continues to prove my point about just how much people’s emotions start to intensify at the mere mention of his name.

My good friend Adam Daley originally said this, and I believe it is completely true. The bottom line in professional wrestling, is that if your character gets any kind of reaction, then you are doing your job. There are is a necessity for both heels and faces, and the storylines only work if both of these elements are in place to tell any kind of story.

Although Reigns is booked like a face, his elicits a heel reaction from the fans. I wonder what other main company man this statement can be applied to? (See John Cena)

Anyone who reads this article is probably a diehard fan. And there’s no doubt that you have an opinion on Roman Reigns, and you are prepared to defend and debate the subject until you are blue in the face. No other currently active superstar brings that kind of emotion out in wrestling fans.

And for that reason alone, he deserved all of the accolades that were awarded to him last night. Roman Reigns deserves to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion for a long time.



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