So far, WWE is going to induct The Godfather and Sting into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. However, more former WWE superstars are going to join them the night before Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas to join wrestling immortality.

Many names are being thrown around and debated about within WWE right now, but there is one very recent name being discussed that would be of interest to the WWE Universe.

According to yesterday’s edition of the Wrestling Observer Live, there is some debate within WWE that Daniel Bryan could be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year along with The Godfather and Sting.

WWE has actively been trying to get the former leader of the “Yes Movement” to be a part of the company in a non-wrestling role for Wrestlemania and beyond.

A WWE Hall of Fame induction would be a great moment for Daniel Bryan and the WWE Universe while his retirement is still fresh in our minds.

Immediately after his retirement speech, the debate began about whether Daniel Bryan was worthy of a WWE Hall of Fame induction. The response to that question has been an overwhelming “Yes”, but WWE may be hesitant to do it as early as this year’s Wrestlemania.

There is some belief this year that Sting is already a huge name being inducted and WWE doesn’t want anyone to be overshadowed, especially a top draw like Sting, who could be overshadowed by the freshness of Bryan’s injury.

On paper, that’s understandable, and it may be the better idea to induct Bryan next year or a few years from now. Either way, the debate is over, and Daniel Bryan will be a WWE Hall of Famer someday.

Do you think Sting would overshadow Daniel Bryan’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame?


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