Yesterday, it was announced that The Godfather is the latest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame. He’ll join Sting on the night before Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas to become a permanent part of WWE history.

There are always two questions for WWE fans when it’s that time of the year. The first is who will be inducted and the second is who will introduce and induct that new WWE Hall of Famer.

According to the original report from Bleacher Report, John “Bradshaw” Layfield and Ron Simmons will be reuniting their tag team APA to induct The Godfather into the Hall of Fame.

The Godfather, JBL, and Simmons all had the following to say about the honor:

The Godfather’s (Charles Wright) reaction to his Hall of Fame induction:

“I can’t wait to see the fans and tell them how much I appreciate them. They don’t forget. I really appreciate everything WWE has done for me and I really appreciate all the fans. It’s such a big honor. I never expected to be in the Hall of Fame. Brother, that’s for eternity man.”

What do JBL and Ron Simmons think about the honor of inducting their friend?

JBL: “Godfather is legitimately one of toughest guys to have ever been in this business, but more importantly one of the most talented. He took several different characters and got them all over, which is an amazing feat. He is an incredible individual, and I couldn’t be happier for my dear friend. The days of us riding together in a car with Ron Simmons all over the world are the stories that should be told at his induction.”

Simmons: “It’s an edgy and touchy character with so much sexual innuendo. But it was done at the right time and in the right manner. He had to do it in a way that was entertaining and must-see character without getting underneath people’s skins. And it takes a lot of hard work to do that. You must have the charisma, the vocal skills, the physical skills. You couldn’t give that character to just anyone.”


Are you excited to see the APA reunite to induct The Godfather into the WWE Hall of Fame?


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