Aside from a very brief match with Erick Rowan in Dallas, The Rock has not wrestled a full match since WrestleMania 29. He hasn’t even appeared on WWE television in over two years, but the WWE Universe continues to hope he will wrestle again eventually.

Unfortunately, The Great One’s commitments to Hollywood and insurance policies make it very difficult for him to make an appearance unless he clears time in his schedule. On paper, there’s no reason for him to wrestle again, but here’s what could bring him back.

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According to PWInsider Radio, Mike Johnson was speculating about The Rock’s future in wrestling and it’s clear the only thing that would bring him back to the squared circle would be The People’s Champion himself. If he wanted to wrestle another match, WWE officials would be over the moon because the company can always use his star power.

The truth is The Great One can’t and won’t return to wrestle just anyone. He could have an awesome rivalry with someone like Kevin Owens, but it’s not something he would be willing to come back for after another five-year hiatus from the ring. For him to risk his commitments to Hollywood, the situation would have to be something very special.

The Rock has shown that he will get physical in the ring if it’s on a smaller scale:

The Rock & Ronda Rousey Destroy Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

There were rumors before WrestleMania 34 that WWE officials were trying to get him involved in the tag team match with Ronda Rousey. A smaller role like that could be the answer if there’s a chance for The People’s Champion to ever wrestle inside a WWE ring again. Ultimately, the decision is his own and the reality is he may never wrestle again.

If he could wrestle one more match, who would you want to face The Great One?



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