Back in January, Johnny Mundo of Lucha Underground, who will be remembered as John Morrison in WWE, got into some hot water when he had some criticism for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns.

Mundo had the following to say about who he’d like to face in WWE:

“Roman Reigns, I’d love to wrestle him in like 10 years if he’s still wrestling, because by then hopefully he’d figure out how to work.”

He just may get his chance because according to, there is a renewed interest from Vince McMahon about bringing him back to WWE.

As of this writing, there doesn’t seem to be anything developing, but Vince is said to be asking around about him and asked some people to find out about his contract situation with Lucha Underground.

Mundo has discussed the possibility of coming back to WWE someday, but there are several fresh WWE stars that he could wrestle in exciting makes such as Seth Rollins or AJ Styles.

The only issue is how WWE is focusing on building younger talent, but Morrison never really got his due in WWE so a return could bring him to the top of the company.

All of this is just speculation because there are no details about his contract situation with Lucha Underground, but if that changes, he could be WWE bound again.

Do you want to see John Morrison back in WWE?


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